The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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The Secret - HowSound

Initially, “The Secret” by Carma Jolly seems like it might be a story about Carma’s brother and his near-death experience caused by Spina bifida. But then, about four minutes in, the story takes a sharp turn and suddenly “The Secret” is about Carma and...


 2012-07-11  18m

Stand-Ups - HowSound

If NPR reporter Robert Smith isn't the king of the stand-up, he surely is the prince. Robert lays out his methodology for solid stand-ups.


 2012-06-27  16m

Two Cape Cods - HowSound

Reporter Sean Corcoran made the leap from print to radio and talks about how reporting differs in the two media.


 2012-06-13  15m

The Gift That Was Brought To Us - HowSound

There's a compelling story to be found in every day life, even a ukulele orchestra.


 2012-05-30  10m

Happy Birthday Studs! - HowSound

Studs Terkel, America's interviewer, would be 100 today! Happy Birthday Studs!!


 2012-05-16  23m

Fact Check This - HowSound

With This American Life and Mike Daisey in mind, Columbia University's John Dinges talks about fact checking.


 2012-05-02  20m

Go For the Weird - HowSound

Wanna find a good story? Hunt for the weird.


 2012-04-18  14m

Show, Don’t Tell - HowSound

This American Life producer Brian Reed employs, with great effect, the old writing maxim "show, don't tell" in his radio stories.


 2012-04-04  14m

A Square Meal, Regardless - HowSound

For years, Jen Nathan has felt guilty about a documentary story she produced. Only now is she willing to speak about it publicly.


 2012-03-21  16m

Krulwich on Gorilla Cage Drama - HowSound

Robert Krulwich on drama, narrative voice, and the day gorilla cages changed for ever.


 2012-03-07  31m