The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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The Plane That Flew Into the Empire State Building - HowSound

Joe Richman on the power and pleasure of storytelling with archive tape.


 2011-11-16  22m

Kohn - HowSound

Andy Mills won "Best New Artist" at the 2011 Third Coast Filmless Festival. Well deserved. Have a listen.


 2011-11-02  14m

Edward Stephenson, Tobacco Auctioneer - HowSound

John Biewen from the Center for Documentary Studies describes "sure-handedness" in radio storytelling.


 2011-10-19  13m

Seizure’s Lament - HowSound

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is three days of ear candy. Producers from around the world travel to Chicago to share work, talk shop, and, most importantly, listen. Unfortunately, Third Coast only happens every other year. So,


 2011-10-05  11m

The Natural State - HowSound

Scathing comments. Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister talk about how to handle tough reviews from listeners.


 2011-09-22  21m

Inner-City Reality Check - HowSound

In "Inner-City Reality Check," Katie Davis taps on America's shoulder after 9/11 and says "look over here for a second, please."


 2011-09-07  12m

The Five Percent Rule - HowSound

Sally Herships talks about the overwhelming effort that went into her first investigative journalism story.


 2011-08-24  15m

Fighting With My Dad - HowSound

"I can’t think of anything more fraught than doing a story that explores intimate things about your relationship with your parents." RIchard Paul on this edition of HowSound


 2011-08-10  14m

Four Feet Under - HowSound

Producer Clay Bolton digs deep for the universal in a story about gravediggers. (Pun intended.)


 2011-07-26  13m