Hyperchannel: A Star Trek News Podcast

Hyperchannel is a bite-sized podcast from Trek.fm hosted by Luke Weir that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world of Star Trek each weekday.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 12m. Bisher sind 176 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein täglich erscheinender Podcast

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Hyperchannel 15: The Tower of Babel Crumbles

Microsoft brings Star Trek's Universal Translator to Skype | Rebooted TNG coming in 2016?


 2014-05-28  15m

Hyperchannel 14: Rainbows and VISORs

Star Trek prop to help Reading Rainbow grow | Jonathan Frakes to direct new television series


 2014-05-27  13m

Hyperchannel 13: The School of Manly Fighting

Enroll in the School of Manly Fighting and Learn Kirk Fu | Linda Park Cooks Up an Urbn Harvest


 2014-05-25  12m

Hyperchannel 12: The Art on the Edge of Forever

Moore and Braga Look Back at "All Good Things…" 20 Years Later | J. K. Woodward Shares His Art Process for The City On the Edge of Forever


 2014-05-24  15m

Hyperchannel 11: Leonard Nimoy is Out of This World

Leonard Nimoy POPS In On Boston | Marina Sirtis Talks the Future of Trek


 2014-05-22  14m

Hyperchannel 10: Jolan Tru!

Star Trek Replicator Could Arrive in 12 Months | New Romulus Weekend is Coming | Rene Auberjonois Join Cast of Masters of Sex


 2014-05-21  15m

Hyperchannel 9: Oculus: The Next Generation

Oculus Rift goes Galaxy Class | Tribbles Week Redux


 2014-05-20  15m

Hyperchannel 8: In Brillanter HD Qualität

IDW takes you to Deep Space 9... Abramsverse Style | TNG Season 6 Steelbook Lands in Germany


 2014-05-19  16m

Hyperchannel 7: Where the Hell Are Spock's Ears?!

Michael Giacchino Talks Star Trek: Live in Concert | Voyager Points the Way to Liberation Through Loss | Patrick Stewart Grills Smithsonian Director on Star Trek


 2014-05-18  16m

Hyperchannel 6: Scan, Print, Beam

Zeus 3D Printer is Replicator and Transporter Rolled Into One | The Trek Collective Reviews the USS Reliant | Star Trek: Horizon nears end of Kickstarter


 2014-05-17  17m