Hysteria 51

Hysteria 51 is a weekly podcast that takes an every-man approach to the World of the Weird - UFOs, Aliens, Mysteries, the Paranormal, the Unusual, and the Unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h4m. Bisher sind 213 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

episode 197: Devolution: An Interview With Max Brooks | 197

Critically acclaimed author Max Brooks joins the fellas to talk about his new Bigfoot book, Devolution. They also get into Max’s time as a SNL writer, why Minecraft might be the ultimate life-skill, and finally settle the ultimate debate of the World W...



Number Stations Revisited | BONUS

Brent and John are out this week so Cbot takes the helm to bring back Number Stations for another spin. The boys will be back next week with max Brooks for a cryptid filled ride into his new book, Devolution! Number Stations original Description: Why...



Satanic Panic Revisited | BONUS

John and Brent are on assignment this week procuring more Bot Booze ingredients for CBot. That means we get to revisit one of their favorite episodes from the past: Satanic Panic! Remember that year or two in the 80’s when you weren’t allowed to do a...



episode 196: Elvis From Outer Space | 196

We all know Elvis is living with Tupac and JFK under the pyramids. That said, over the years there have been as many stories, theories, and rumors about Elvis’ demise (or lack thereof) as hip thrusts in Jailhouse Rock. And while the debate rages on for...



episode 195: Punk Rock and UFOS w/ Mike Damante | 195

This week we interview author Mike Damante and talk his newest book- Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction. Is there a connection between Punk Rock and UFOs? Is there a connection between organized religion and Bad Religion (still love 21st Century...


 2020-07-06  1h9m

episode 194: Wilson / Davis Papers: Proof the Gov’t KNOWS? | 194

Secret meetings tend to be secret because secrets are being secreted around because they’re...ya know...secret. But sometimes records of those meetings get released. And sometimes they’re about aliens. And sometimes they’re about reverse engineering ex...


 2020-06-29  1h13m

episode 193: The Smurl Haunting | 193

It’s a haunting. Things happen. The Warrens are involved. Nuff said. Are we done? Well, you’d think we would be, but this haunting is a bit different and we try to pull it apart this week. Plus, demonologists just want to be loved. Semi-sentient robots...


 2020-06-22  1h12m

episode 192: The Solway Spaceman: An Intergalactic Photo Bomb | 192

Nothing worse than a photobomb. There you are minding your own business, taking a picture of your lovely daughter and next thing you know some idiot time traveler / astronaut / inter-dimensional being drops his/her/its mug into your frame. And while we...


 2020-06-15  53m

CAFEteria 51: Crickets!

We promise to do the dirty work for you here at H51, and sometimes it is really dirty... like in BUGS. That's right, it's insect week in the Hysteria kitchen and we have 3 flavors of cricket on the menu - Salt and Vinegar, Bacon and Cheese, a...


 2020-06-10  34m

episode 191: Revisiting Robert Smalls: The Civil War's Most Incredible Untold Story | 191

This week we’re taking a breath. After the murder of George Floyd and ensuing justified protests…and military intervention in said protests – we couldn’t let the moment pass without saying something. We’re 2 white guys in middle America. We are liter...


 2020-06-08  52m