Hysteria 51

Hysteria 51 is your offbeat weekly podcast destination for all things weird and wonderful! We navigate the cosmic highways of UFOs, the alien-infested landscapes, and the enigmatic frontiers of the paranormal. With your hosts, Brent Hand and David Flora, alongside our cantankerous tin man, Conspiracy Bot (with a not-so-subtle desire to rule the world, doubling as our chief inquisitor into the unknown), we delve into unique mysteries, the inexplicable, and the downright unusual. Each week, we explore a fresh topic, making one thing crystal clear... the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.


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episode 355: Is There Anybody Out There? Laura Krantz Returns to H51 | 355

We are venturing back to the Wild Side this week as author, producer, podcaster, and all around awesome person Laura Krantz makes her triumphant return to the Lower 4th Dimension. And buckle up, because her resume is legit! Laura is an American journalist, podcaster and author. She was an editor at National Public Radio for ten years, has a series of illustrated children's books based on her podcast Wild Thing, and is a founding partner of the media company Foxtopus Ink...


 November 8, 2023  50m

episode 354: What's the Story, Morning Gory - Ghost Stories from Blurry Photos | 354

Cbot has done it again! Brent is out this week from a bot booze-related incident, so Flora is telling some ghost stories for the Halloween season! It's an episode from Blurry Photos featuring a handful of spine-tingling tales narrated by Flora. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween! Original Description Flora is back with a handful of aptly spookily dookilies in the tenth edition of ghost stories! A cursed tub, an Ex to die for, and zombies fill this year’s edition of ghost stories...


 November 1, 2023  35m

episode 353: Somewhere in the Skies Takeover: The Tehran UFO Incident | 353

For our 2nd and last week of vacation the one and only Ryan Sprague takes over our feed to tell us the tale of the Tehran UFO Incident! Make sure to check our Ryan's website for all of his shows, books, and amazing podcast, Somewhere in the Skies! Original Description: In 1976, strange lights were being sighted over the city of Tehran, Iran. After dozens of reports, the Iranian Air Force sent up several fighter jets to investigate...


 October 18, 2023  56m

episode 352: Project Skeptic Takeover: Havana Syndrome | 352

It’s vacation time in the Lower 4th! That means that this week and next we are out galivanting across the globe, creating our own conspiracies. But, have no fear, Nation. You will not be without! This week the fine gentlemen from Project Skeptic are taking over the feed to hit us with their thoughts on the Havana Syndrome...


 October 11, 2023  1h14m

episode 351: Third Man’s a Crowd: Spooky Sidekicks in Extreme Situations | 351

Join the Hysteria 51 crew this week as we dive deep into the enigmatic world of the Third Man Factor, a mysterious phenomenon where isolated individuals under duress perceive an invisible companion offering aid and comfort. Kevin Crispin of Sad Times Podcast jons us once again to see if we can conjure an unseen entity while sifting through a cavalcade of awe-inspiring survival tales...


 October 4, 2023  39m

Sad Times Preview: Brent Hand | BONUS

KEVIN!!! Mr. Kevin Crispin has been a mainstay on Hysteria 51 for years now, and we wanted to take a moment and thank him as well as showcase his own podcast, Sad Times. Brent was a guest on the show and we are releasing that episode here so you can get a better idea of what Sad Times is as a show as well as a very personal look into Brent's life...


 October 2, 2023  1h9m

episode 350: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Time-Warping with Kozyrev's Crystal Ball | 350

Nation, get ready to take a reflective journey through the corridors of time! This round of Hysteria 51 finds us diving head-first into the enigmatic world of time mirrors and the mind-bending Kozyrev mirror phenomenon. Ever wondered if looking in the mirror could offer more than just a reflection? From the wild scientific theories to the eeriest anecdotes, our hosts sift through the myths, the mysteries, and the magnified speculations...


 September 27, 2023  1h4m

episode 349: Up All Night: Irish Glory Holes | 349

This week we head over the pond to uncover the buzz surrounding a peculiar hole at Ireland's famed Portmarnock beach. Was it a cryptic meteorite crash site as claimed by a fervent local astronomy buff, or is there a more terrestrial and perhaps cheeky explanation? Prepare for twists, turns, and a bit of Irish wit as we delve deep into the heart of this sandy conundrum. Don't let this episode "beach" you by; it promises a tide of laughter, intrigue, and a touch of the unexpected...


 September 20, 2023  17m

episode 348: Reiki: Universal Energy or Hands-Off Hoax | 348

Dive into the mysterious realm of Reiki on this week's episode of Hysteria 51. From its mystical Japanese origins to its polarizing reception in the West, we unravel the enigma behind this ancient healing technique. Does Reiki genuinely channel a universal energy for physical and emotional healing, or is it all just a hands-off hoax? We dissect scientific studies, confront conspiracy theories, and explore both believers' testimonies and skeptics' doubts...


 September 13, 2023  41m

Blurry Hysteria: NASA Coffin Knockers | BONUS

Ever heard of a snake on Saturn or the eerie echo of a knock from beyond? Dive into the cosmos of conspiracy with us this week on Hysteria 51, where truth is often stranger than fiction! In our first tale, prepare to be knocked off your feet - literally! We uncover the chilling story of a woman who, against all odds, managed to knock from the inside of her coffin during her own wake...


 September 11, 2023  21m