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Welcome to the I AM MOM Parenting Journey! This is a parenting podcast to help you become present, calm and connected while creating a family environment where everyone can thrive. The I AM MOM Parenting Podcast provides Inspiration and Actionable Steps to help you Manifest the Meaningful and Magical life you desire for you and your family. Hosted by Dimple Arora, Founder of Mindful Evolution and Shaista Fatehali, Founder of Thrive Kids. Dimple and Shaista are two moms passionate about sharing effective parenting and mom life strategies based on modern science and thousands of hours of combined experience, both in the classroom and by providing life coaching for moms and kids of all ages. Listen as they geek out on everything you need to know to create the joyful family life that you desire and your kids deserve. Listen to Stay inspired, Take Action and Create Magic!


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episode 18: EP18 - Easing Separation Anxiety in Children and Adults

While it is normal for most kids to feel a degree of separation anxiety from their caregivers in certain circumstances, there are ways to manage the separation anxiety effectively to prevent children’s separation anxiety disorder, which can then lead to adult separation anxiety disorder in the future. Separation anxiety disorder occurs when an individual experiences excessive fear or anxiety concerning separation from those they are attached to...


 2021-08-31  32m

episode 19: EP19 - Best Strategies to Raise Emotionally Resilient Kids

Emotional resilience is a life skill that allows us to adapt to stressful situations and crises. In this episode, we provide the seven integral traits that makeup being resilient based on the work of child paediatrician and human development expert, Dr.Ginberg. We elaborate on each of these traits providing you with the best strategies to use to build each trait and emotional resilience in your child.


 2021-09-07  29m

episode 20: EP20 - How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Your Child

In this episode, we speak about how to set healthy boundaries for yourself and your child in order to create an environment at home that fosters potential win-win scenarios for everyone. We speak on why boundaries are necessary, the benefits of setting boundaries and give examples of how to set boundaries. A boundary is what allows you to show your child what you stand for, what you believe about yourself and what you expect from them...


 2021-09-14  33m

episode 21: EP21 - Strategies to Effectively Manage Sibling Rivalry

You asked and we delivered! Sibling rivalry is a common occurrence in most households with kids of all ages. In this episode, we cover the best strategies to manage sibling rivalry while your children are growing up so that they can retain a deep, healthy bond into adulthood.


 2021-09-21  29m

episode 22: EP22 - Helping Your Child Build Healthy Friendships

It’s quite common for parents to worry about if their child feels lonely and has enough friends at school. Do they fit it? Are they having fun at recess? Do they have a sense of belonging at school? Having heard these concerns often, this episode is dedicated to helping you become aware of what’s necessary to help your child build healthy friendships.


 2021-09-28  35m

episode 23: EP23 - Foster These Five Habits in Childhood to Raise a Happier Adult

Our habits shape who we are. Join us as we discuss the importance of building these five healthy habits in our children so that they can become happier and more resilient people as adults. These habits are proven to promote a more regulated nervous system and reduce the incidence of mental health issues in the future.


 2021-10-05  40m

episode 24: EP24 - The Benefits of “Good Enough Parenting” and How to Apply It

Do you give all your energy to your family and have no energy left for yourself? Do you feel guilty often, like you are failing as a parent? Are you trying to be the perfect parent? Are you showing up for your child way too much? It doesn’t have to be this way! In this episode, we discuss the benefits of moving far away from being the perfect parent and towards how to be a “good enough” parent using the 70-30 rule.


 2021-10-12  21m

episode 25: EP25 - A Deeper Understanding of Gratitude to Elevate Your Life

Most of us have heard about the benefits of gratitude. However, there is so much more to this elevated emotion than just developing a gratitude practice to notice what you appreciate in life. In this episode, we cover some the benefits of gratitude, as well as how you can use gratitude to have higher levels of well-being, ultimately improving your health and raising your human consciousness at quantum level.


 2021-10-19  26m

episode 26: EP26 - Creating a Circle of Security for Your Child

The concept of The Circle of Security is based on decades of attachment research to help parents know what to look for in the needs of their child. At any given age, your child is somewhere on the circle. This eye-opening concept will give you the confidence that your child will come back to you for long-lasting security and you will be able to welcome them with open arms.


 2021-10-26  29m

episode 27: EP27 - Food Allergy Series Part 1 - Introduction to Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Food allergies are quite common in our society, especially amongst children. During this four-part series on food allergies, we educate parents on all aspects of navigating life while having a child with food allergies. In this first part, we aim to truly educate the food allergy community with the awareness and knowledge necessary to recognize and manage food allergies and sensitivities in your child.


 2021-11-02  37m