I Brew My Own Coffee

A podcast for people who care about coffee. Hosted by Brian Beyke & Bryan Schiele.


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episode 51: Episode 51 - Third Wave Water

We’ve been talking about talking about water for a while, but we’re excited to start a discussion on the topic with Taylor Minor and Charles Nick of Third Wave Water. We talk about the importance of water for brewing, regional water preferences, and how t


 2017-01-12  1h2m

episode 52: Episode 52 - The Road to Brewers Cup

In case you hadn't heard, one of our own, Mr. Brian Beyke, is has qualified to compete in this year's national Brewers Cup competitions in Seattle, WA. We're talking at length about his road leading up to the qualifiers as well as what he's doing to prepa


 2017-04-06  57m

episode 53: Episode 53 - Expo Interviews - The Cost of Coffee

This past weekend we attended the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle where we were able to interview some amazing people in the specialty coffee industry. The first episode in a series of those interviews, we're talking about the cost of coffee with the produc


 2017-04-27  50m

episode 54: Episode 54 - The Intersectionality Panel

At the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle, we had the opportunity to sit in on a truly inspirational panel called "Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures" moderated by Michelle Johnson of The Chocolate Barista & Tracy Ging, co-fou


 2017-05-04  1h23m

episode 55: Episode 55 - Intersectionality Recap with Michelle Johnson

We’re honored to have Michelle Johnson join us to recap the Intersectionality panel from Episode 54. Michelle is the Sprudgie award winning founder of The Chocolate Barista, creative marketing director at Barista Hustle, and a long-time friend of the show


 2017-05-18  1h25m

episode 56: Episode 56 - SCA Product Recap

We're wrapping up our series of interviews from this year's SCA Expo with four quick conversations with some of the top brands in specialty coffee for the home brewer. We're talking with Baratza about the Sette 30, Third Wave Water about some upcoming new


 2017-06-15  25m

episode 57: Episode 57 - KRUVE

Grind size remains one of the most challenging and inconsistently communicated aspects of coffee brewing. Despite having a consistent language to communicate temperature, water chemistry, brew ratios, etc. it's often frustrating to nail down a repeatable


 2017-08-03  58m

episode 58: Episode 58 - Matt Perger

We’re so excited to be joined on the episode by Matt Perger, founder of Barista Hustle and World Brewers Cup champion, talking all about approachability, coffee geekery, cafe vibes, keys to making better coffee at home, and the exciting new roadmap for Ba


 2017-08-17  1h9m