I&I&I with Boogz, Bolo and Dj Bart Belo

Aaron (aka Bolo), Brandon (aka Dj Bart Belo) and Berny (aka Boogz) have taken their love for music and started a podcast to share that love with everyone else. They will not only be discussing their own creations and contributions to the music scene, but will also be interviewing both local and international artists as well as providing exclusive performances that you will not be able to hear anywhere else. Make sure you listen in every week to the new show to get opinions on not only music but sports, movies, tv and whatever else makes them laugh.


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E074 I&I&I ***Tyrese Needs A Group Hug Now***

Thanksgiving is over so i dont have anymore excus…


 November 28, 2017  1h45m

E073 I&I&I Podcast ***Man, I Think Tyrese Needs A Hug***`

Hey, i think we all need to get together and give…


 November 4, 2017  1h34m

E072 I&I&I Podcast ***How Long Is Too Long For Time Travel?***

Hey everyone!!!... You get a double podcast day t…


 October 26, 2017  2h11m

E071 I&I&I Podcast ***Man, We Have Missed You***

Hey, i figured out what i did to make the first 1…


 October 26, 2017  1h45m

E071 I&I&I Podcast ***Man, We Have Missed You***

Bart Baloe is back!!!... We are back!!!... After …


 October 16, 2017  1h45m

E070 I&I&I Podcast ***Oh Hell Yea, Is That A Girl?***

Sorry for the delay, it has been a busy last 2 we…


 October 11, 2017  1h45m

E069 I&I&I Podcast ***Don't Fry Nothing In My House***

Part 2 of our trip down the "Bizz lane"... Lots t…


 September 26, 2017  1h30m

E068 I&I&I Podcast ***Come On Homie***

This is part 1 of a 2 week blessing of having a b…


 September 26, 2017  1h37m

E067 I&I&I Podcast ***Gave My Pee-Pee Jeans To Goodwill***

Hello, its been awhile... Did you miss us?... We …


 September 17, 2017  1h40m

E066 I&I&I Podcast ***They Always With The Extra***

Hi all!!!... This week we have our new friend Juj…


 September 7, 2017  1h44m