I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast

The big dinosaur podcast. News, interviews, and discussions about dinosaurs.


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episode 283: Phil Tippett on animating Jurassic Park

Sauropod posture: Did they hold their heads up high or near the ground?


 2020-04-30  49m

episode 282: The new Navajo warrior raptor

Dineobellator was described from New Mexico, plus dinosaur of the day Arcovenator


 2020-04-22  36m

episode 281: How to make a Zuul out of cake

We interview Ralph from Cake Boss and Buddy vs Duff; Plus the new dinosaur Asteriornis


 2020-04-15  55m

episode 280: A hummingbird-sized dinosaur

or maybe it's a lizard...


 2020-04-09  47m

episode 279: Traces of DNA in dinosaur cartilage

Alida Bailleul describes her work in molecular paleontology, free dinosaur resources, and a new sauropod


 2020-04-02  1h24m

episode 278: How warm was dinosaur blood?

How warm was dinosaur blood? Plus a new Mongolian sauropod and more dinosaurs coming to comic books


 2020-03-26  36m

episode 277: Dinosaur Island and an island dinosaur

A review of the movie Dinosaur Island and dinosaur of the day Telmatosaurus an island dwarf


 2020-03-19  43m

episode 276: 1950s dinosaur mystery solved

1950s dinosaur mystery solved, plus a new "thunder lizard", and dinosaur of the day Hesperonychus


 2020-03-12  30m

episode 275: Dinosaurs sharing nests

Jurassic World: Dominion, the 9 ton Utahraptor block gets a new home, and Dinosaurs in Star Wars


 2020-03-04  40m

episode 274: Big Al is no longer Allosaurus fragilis

Instead Big Al is included with the new species Allosaurus jimmadseni with a distinctive skull


 2020-02-26  39m