I Need Blue

I turned around to see a masked man pointing a gun at me. It was just the beginning of a series of events, including robbery and abduction, which changed my life forever. I Need Blue, hosted by Jen Lee, is a podcast series featuring lived-experiences from survivors of life events. I NEED BLUE creates space for survivors of trauma to feel they BELONG, are LOVED, UNDERSTOOD and EMPOWERED! I called 9-1-1 and they provided me with life-saving directions to help my customer who was having a medical emergency. Law enforcement rescued us and caught the robber. Our first-responders face unique traumas every day. I NEED BLUE provides space for them too!


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S2 Ep 12 Maya - She Was 13 When Her Sister, Age 2, Was Diangosed With Cancer

Maya - It's not often I get to talk about cancer in a way where it's both educational, emotional, and inspiring. I want people to know they’re not alone regardless of their role, whether they are the patient, the parent, the sibling, even the cousin or the aunt.  Everybody is affected by a sickness and it's not just the immediate people; everybody matters.

“My friends thought I would give them cancer...


 2022-06-06  42m

episode 1: S2 E1 "CausePods" Podcast Interview with Jen Lee

Welcome to Season 2 - The refrigerator and I, how my podcast was born. 

I thought I would start with one of my guest interviews. I had the honor of sharing my experience on the following podcasts: Law Enforcement Today podcast, What Was That Like podcast, Kill and Tell podcast and Causepods. In this episode, you will hear my half hour episode on Causepods...


 2022-01-10  29m

episode 2: S2 E2 Combating Human Trafficking at the US-Mexico Border: Alma Tucker and Andi Share Their Stories

This episode features Alma Tucker, President and Founder of International Network of Hearts Foundation and Andi Buerger, Founder and Chair of Voices Against Trafficking. 

Alma is deeply passionate about creating awareness to help victims of abuse and trafficking, ultimately leading to the eradication of this epidemic...


 2022-01-24  1h11m

episode 3: S2 E3 Back Brevard Heroes Bonus Episode

Acts of kindness are all around us. Through  bonus episodes, I am dedicating some time to acknowledge them. The first act is: Back Brevard Heroes.

They are a local nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and appreciating our local first responders, our heroes, with an annual BBQ and other events.

The barbecue is May 1 at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center in Merritt Island...


 2022-02-07  17m

episode 4: S2 E4 Parkland School Shooting, Dr Michele Finneran Interview

Trigger warning. This episode is being released on the 4 year anniversary. It was a tragic and graphic event for the students, teachers, administration, first responders who witnessed the inital scene. Like trauma, the aftermath continues for years for those involved as well as the communities. If you feel like you're going to be triggered,  wait until you're more emotionally ready to hear the episode.

Today’s guest, Dr Michele Finneran, Ph.D...


 2022-02-14  37m

episode 5: S2 E5 Serene Harbor Talks Teenage Dating Violence Awareness Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

This episode is jam packed with information and resources surrounding teen dating violence/domestic violence...


 2022-02-28  44m

episode 6: S2 E6 Debra's Son Died From An Opioid/Heroin Overdose

Debra Mayer is a wife and mom. She tragically lost her only son, Shaun, to the disease of addiction. In honor of him,  she spends her time creating awareness about the addiction epidemic while truly focusing on helping others like her son and their families.  

 She is here to share her memories of Shaun and share his struggles which lead to his opioid and eventual heroin addiction which ultimately took his life...


 2022-03-14  51m

episode 7: S2 E7 Robbie Survived Abuse, Drug Addiction, Prison..Now Celebrates Recovery!

I Need Blue continues it's focus on the drug epidemic plaguing the United States. 

Meet Robbie, he has been in recovery since Sept 18th, 2018.  He shares his story about being born into a family riddled with alcohol and drug addiction. His childhood included foster care, at times, an absent mom, and the tragic loss of 2 close family members due to drunk driving.  Robbie shares his journey of survival which includes the moment he was introduced to Space Coast Recovery...


 2022-03-28  1h11m

episode 8: S2 E8 Lieutenant Heather Hall - 911 Dispatchers Are Left W/Only A Voice

April 10 - 16th 2022 is National Public Safety Telecommunicators week .
Imagine being blind to a situation and still creating a positive outcome. The 911 operator is the true first responder. They pick up the call when you are seeking help.

Lieutenant Hall is with the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office in Kaufman, Texas...


 2022-04-11  44m

episode 9: S2 E9 Erika - Law Enforcement Veteran, Former Addict, Recovery, and Shannon With Windmill Wellness Ranch

What happens when those who protect don't know how to ask for help themselves?

This episode is about first responders, law enforcement, and military addiction and recovery. A true story where understanding it's okay to be the helpee vs the helper. As first responders, you have the right to be well, and live a fulfilling life. Windmill Wellness Ranch provides the healing treatment and hope you deserve...


 2022-04-25  57m
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