I Speak Giant: A D&D Story

A tale of rebellion, adventure and comedy. Beginners and veterans of Dungeons and Dragons, join us for a real play 5e podcast.




      episode 39: 039 - Who Let The Players DM: The Chase

      Fel takes the wheel to take Thuzie, Eleanor and Sunni on a madcap chase through the streets of Zaña. But first, drinks.



      episode 38: 038 - Who Let The Players DM: The Heist

      Leto takes the DM reins as Colonel Russle, Rushlo and Bellicec take on The Gambler in his home turf.



      Midori: The Early Years Part III

      Our favourite nerds come face to face with their greatest rivals. And also bureaucracy



      Midori: The Early Years Part II

      School's out, Melvin and the gang are busting out of the Primus School for the Divine with some strange company. And a ghost!



      Midori: The Early Years Part I

      We take a step back to uncover the secret past of Midori the Red. Or, as he was once known, Melvin. Hah.


       2018-06-19  49m

      episode 37: 037 - Tall Drink of Water

      The Barely Fortunate Party come face to face with the final Lontray bannerman - hopefully this one goes better than the last


       2018-06-12  55m

      episode 36: 036 - A Meeting with the Magister

      Still reeling from a disastrous deal, the dinner with the head of Zaña has the Barely Fortunate Party doubting their chances.


       2018-06-05  52m

      episode 35: 035 - Kalgar: The Barbarian Captain

      The barely fortunate party has their first face to face with a bannerman of the Lontray family. It goes... okay.


       2018-05-29  56m

      The Barley Fortunate Clip Show 1

      As we grow I Speak Giant it is important that we look back and reflect on where it all started. Join producer/editor Austin Adamson on a journey with some of his favorite early moments from the Barley Fortunate Party. 


       2018-05-15  28m

      episode 34: 034 - A Deadline

      The Barely Fortunate Party have a not quite chance encounter out in the bayou that puts a countdown on their whole operation.


       2018-05-08  55m