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episode 381: So, who is Ryan Long?

In this episode Ian and CEO talk aboot Ryan Long, Mersh, and youtubers.  This was recorded on the app Anchor so if the audio is fucked blame them! Check out Ryan Long:YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/phatbredrensTwitter: @RyanLongComedyPatreon: http...



episode 380: Without Apologies Ep.111 PART. 1

Part.1 The first 15 minutes of audio got cut off so listen to this ep first!Music by JingsNthingshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb6LTlAdcdo Mersh V. SaiyanZ, Bill Burr is a poser, Bobby F'd in the mouth Kelly is a lazy hack, Mike Culta bought his way in...



episode 379: Without Apologies Ep.111 Ol F'd in the mouth Kelly

Mersh V. SaiyanZ, Bill Burr is a poser, Bobby F'd in the mouth Kelly is a lazy hack, Mike Culta bought his way into a cover band, and KennyTV wants you to vote for TRUMP! Get excited it a fun episode!  See the live video version on RDAhttps://www.youtube...



episode 378: Without Apologies Ep110. Slurr Slurr

In this episode we find out Felony Charles Bennett has done gay stuff, Mersh spergs on REDBAR, CEO has gone gay, Arana Nation has a booger, Luis acts like Hollywood Ellis, Mike Kalta aka COWHEAD is a giant nerd, and finally Riff Raff drops a new song abo...



episode 377: JOE SPORTS CHANNEL!!!

In this episode Ian talks to Joe Sports Channel! CEO is there for the first 10 minutes. Joe was not happy with the first interview so we did a second. the original interview is included as bonus footage. Please subscribe to Joe Sports Channel! Joe's Chan...



episode 376: Without Apologies Ep. 109 Part.1 Ian Gets fired!

This is the first 24 minutes of the show. This is also the fan part before it got weird!  



episode 375: Without Apologies Ep.109 PART.1 Ian gets fired at the end

In this episode Joe Boonie has some HUGE news, Ian shows his acting reel and smashes Andy the actor, then Ian and Ross fight for the rest of the show. There is some Oliver Tree, Charles Bennett, and Roger James Hamilton stuff mixed in the middle. Ian get...



episode 374: How to ...with apologies

In this episode Ian talks about how and why he host a show called ...with apologies.    Music: Pot Head Kareoky off RDA 



episode 373: Without Apologies Ep.108 Summer of Shaman

In this episode Brother CosmicCam host da show, Ian makes a political add for Luis J. Gomez, Belland talks cartoons, CEO introduces Charles Bartlett, Hellen, Ing, Kenny, Andy, drop in. Rex cuts up a cantelope, Belland sticks a knife in Ross's heart, then...



episode 372: WTF with CEO

In this episode Ian has a conversation with CEO about scams, new fools, BBG stuff, Charles Bennett, RiffRaff, marriage, and much more....with apologies for the audio quality. Dante Nero on Red Phillip ...with apologieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYix...