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episode 494: He crossed a lot of lines.

In this episode Ian goes out to Riddles comedy club to rant about Eminem and The Game. Follow Ian Ellis https://patreon.com/IanEllisPod https://ianellis.podbean.com/ https://twitter.com/phillipradio https://instagram.com/ianellisllc/ Check out Phill...



episode 492: File not found (404 error) Ep.1Khalyla Khun is a Fed

In this episode we catch up with lil Fappy x, khalyla kuhn goes viral, JingsNdthings makes art, Tate, Sam Tripoli flips out... again, Bam escapes rehab, Tim Pool is bald, and much more!  Follow Ian Ellishttps://patreon.com/IanEllisPodhttps://ianellis.pod...



 2022-05-30  5h17m

episode 488: ...with Apologies Ep.202 - 40, white and failed at life

In this episode Ian talks about finding kids, wallets, and dead bodies. The boys come out to wish Ian a Happy Birthday. Brendan Schaub and Kyle updates. Rex and Focus CDS nerd out on rap and much more! Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq...


 2022-05-23  5h59m

episode 487: ...with Apologies Ep. 201 - Brendan Schaub’s CAREER IS OVER

Brendan Schaub's CAREER IS OVER,  Khalyla jerks off dawgs, Mersh was on RAP and The Boys Cast, Kendrick Lamar has a new album, everything is Rick and Morty. All this and much more!  Video Version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tADf61daOQE&t=14288s Scamm...


 2022-05-16  4h15m

episode 486: Manic Monday with Belland the Snake

I wish you would step backFrom that ledge my friendYou could cut ties with all the liesThat you've been living inAnd if you do not want to see me againI would understand,I would understandThe angry boy a bit too insaneIcing over a secret painYou know you...


 2022-05-11  3h8m

episode 485: ...with Apologies 200th EPISODE!!! - Yo Mommas day

In this episode Lane and Clay get turned up before the show. Lane wonders off and without clips the boys turn on each other. The fun don't quip. Go watch the new Schaub Failed on Phillipwave. Schaub Failed Ep.6:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH0yIvP7I_8...


 2022-05-09  4h53m

episode 484: ...with Apologies Ep.199 - Real azz opener

In this episode Bill Murray gets cancelled, Ian opens for Luis J. Gomez, HipStar has a message for Ian Ellis, Jings Ndthings fights with FocusCDS, we have a rap battle, island boys kiss each other, Brendan Schaub updates, reactions to porsalin's Mersh do...


 2022-05-02  3h54m

episode 483: …with Apologies Ep.198 - The Beginning of the End (Audio Only)

In this episode we cover Cumia's racist tirade, Jesse is a pickle, Brendan Schaub messages the haters and steals jokes, Kenny does man on the street.  Video Version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHQuepsW2CE&t=19744s Scamming with Vinny Beedle:https://w...


 2022-04-25  5h59m

episode 482: ...with Apologies Ep.197 - CuntTown

What is the deal with Easter? Ian plays Elden Ring, SaiyanZ gets felled by Brother CosmicCam, Annie Lederman declares war on Brendan Schaub. Schaub is a rich kid, NY comics are sell outs, Alice Hamilton (@AliceRHamilton on twitter) smashes the LA comedy ...


 2022-04-18  5h50m