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Do you want to get a band 7 on the IELTS exam? IELTS exam preparation doesn’t have to be hard or boring! It can be fun! Lindsay and Jessica from All Ears English are back with a new way to help you achieve the IELTS score you need for the General or the Academic exam! We’ll give you IELTS strategies, practice, tips, tricks, and secrets using real English examples. We’ll show you how to take control of the Speaking Section by reducing anxiety, panic, and fear. You’ll learn what to do when your mind goes blank, how to organize your thoughts and how to use intonation, English pronunciation and native English vocabulary such as phrasal verbs and idioms to impress the Examiner. You’ll find out which grammar points you should use in the Speaking Test and which ones you should avoid to get a band 7. You’ll also get guidance on how to prepare for Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2 with help on the opinion essay, graphs and charts, and the argument or discursive essay. You’ll get tips on how to succeed with IELTS listening comprehension strategies and how to get the highest possible score on the reading test...

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 2015-12-04  11m

IELTS Energy 164: The Mistake That Gets You a 2 on the IELTS Speaking Test

If you do this your score will plummet on the IELTS speaking test


 2015-12-03  16m

IELTS Energy 163: How to Avoid Score-killing Time Traps

Don't lose time on IELTS Writing and Reading with these tricks


 2015-12-02  16m

IELTS Energy 162: How to Tackle the Toughest Writing Task 2 Question

IELTS Writing Task 2 is tough but you can do it when you have our tips


 2015-12-01  15m

 2015-11-30  12m

IELTS Energy 160: Why You Are Not Understanding What You Read

Reading is one of the most frustrating parts of the IELTS. Find out what you are doing wrong today


 2015-11-26  15m

IELTS Energy 159: Three Things You Are Doing that Hurt Writing Your Score

Are you doing these 3 things? Find out if you are and how to stop today


 2015-11-25  15m

 2015-11-24  17m

IELTS Energy 157: Don't Lie to Yourself

Self deception causes low IELTS scores! Are you lying to yourself? Find out today


 2015-11-23  17m

 2015-11-19  16m