Music industry survivors Courtney Anderson & Amy Linden talk pop culture, drop science & suffer no fools. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

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episode 57: Episode Fifty-Seven: That New York S***

On Episode #57 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy catch up with Brit-Brit, celebrate New York, New Music and wonder if Shakira’s hips still don't lie. Check us out on the Pantheon Podcast Network.


 July 21, 2021  46m

episode 56: Episode Fifty-Six: Jam & Lewis Energy

On Immaletyoufinish... Episode Fifty-Six Court & Amy break down the Euro Cup, big up Boyz II Men and give Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis every damn flower in the garden. Part of Pantheon Podcasts


 July 14, 2021  52m

episode 55: Episode Fifty-Five: double nickels

It's ImmaLetYouFinish's double nickels episode and Courtney & Amy salute the Summer of Soul, praise Black journalism and say farewell to the Princess of Arizona.


 July 8, 2021  53m

episode 54: Episode Fifty-Four: Giant Steps, Same Us with Maurice Bernstein

On Episode 54 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy talk MJB, BET and dig into the crates with Maurice Bernstein of the legendary Giant Step.


 June 30, 2021  1h7m

episode 53: Episode Fifty-Three: Summertime Summertime

On the latest episode of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy give Donnie his due, read Eric Adams for filth and cancel cancel culture.


 June 24, 2021  1h11m

episode 52: Episode Fifty-Two: Who Runs The World...

On Episode Fifty-Two of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy cast their ballots, call out Lin-Manuel Miranda and wonder whether girls can really have fun.  Part of Pantheon Podcasts.


 June 17, 2021  58m

episode 51: Episode Fifty-One: On The Road Again... For Some with Brian Bacchus

It’s Episode Fifty-One of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy say goodbye to “Pose”, say hello to live music and chop it up with Grammy Winning Producer/A&R Master Brian Bacchus!


 June 10, 2021  1h15m

episode 50: Episode Fifty: New Network, Same Us with Bill Coleman

ImmaLetYouFinish turns the big 5-0! And to celebrate our entry into AARP territory and our first show on Pantheon Podcast Network Court & Amy play ball, give it up for Olivia and welcome special guest Dj/Producer Bill Coleman!


 June 3, 2021  1h12m

episode 48: Episode Forty-Nine: Almost Fifty

On Episode Forty-Nine of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy broker peace in the Middle East, show Pink all the love and remember why Megan McCain is tiresome.


 May 26, 2021  47m

episode 47: Episode Forty-Eight: NYC Open For Business

On Episode Forty-Eight of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy gang up on Yang, put away the masks and celebrate the Knicks!


 May 20, 2021  48m