Music industry survivors Courtney Anderson & Amy Linden talk pop culture, drop science & suffer no fools. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

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episode 25: Episode Twenty-Six: Get Into The Groove

On Episode Twenty-Six of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy ignore the clown show while celebrating smart dance pop and even smarter black women.


 October 7, 2020  51m

episode 24: Episode Twenty-Five: Ice Capades in Hell

On episode twenty-five of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy give it up for the Notorious RBG, show love to our teachers, and still cannot figure out technology.


 September 23, 2020  51m

episode 23: Episode Twenty-Four: New York City Alive & Kickin'

On episode Twenty-four of ImmaLetYouFinish... Amy & Courtney ignore politics, mask up and start spreading the news that New York ain’t dead.


 September 9, 2020  1h2m

episode 22: Episode Twenty-Three: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

On Episode Twenty-Three of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy chop it up about the joys of live music, the importance of Kamala Harris and why women get treated like crap.


 August 17, 2020  58m

episode 21: Episode Twenty-Two: Hot Child In The City

On episode Twenty-Two of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Ames join team Swift, sing The Chicks praises and FINALLY break down some of our fave(and not so fave) covers.


 July 27, 2020  1h5m

episode 20: Episode Twenty-one: The Not Real Housewives of Pandemic

ImmaLetYouFinish reaches drinking age and to mark our 21st Courtney & Amy swoon over Jessie Ware, read Mariah & do our very best to pretend everything is normal.


 July 11, 2020  54m

episode 19: Episode Twenty: We The People

On Episode Twenty(!!!)of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy burn the Confederate flag, sing NASCAR’s praises and discuss Covid sex; hint; it’s really freaking weird.


 June 12, 2020  1h1m

episode 18: Episode Nineteen: In This Together

On Episode Nineteen Courtney & Amy speak on systemic racism, the murder of George Floyd and keeping hope alive. #blacklivesmatter #dothework


 June 5, 2020  49m

episode 17: Episode Eighteen: We're Still In The House

On episode eighteen of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy talk about cleaning out the closets, give praises to the legends and discover the joys of not having to leave the house.


 May 13, 2020  57m

episode 16: Episode Seventeen: New Home Order

On Episode Seventeen and day 935 of sheltering in place Courtney & Amy sing Fiona’s praises, discuss the fine points of pandemic snacking and make the case for NOT drinking bleach. (recorded via phone we miss you canal street studio!)


 April 30, 2020  1h4m