Impersonal Opinion

The same cohosts who brought you the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast also present a show to share their off topic opinions. This is meant to be a safe show where everyone should be able to share their honest opinions without fear, blame, hate, or censorship.

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25. Corruption of Capitalism

Chandler Klebs, wsdtime, David Joseph, and George Ortega talk about what capitalism is and how it corrupts individual people as well as society in general especially in America politics. George explains how the rich control the government.... This item h


 2016-08-08  n/a

24. Lesser of Two Evils?

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Mitch J, and wsdtime were talking about which topic to record a podcast on. Chandler had already turned on the recorder because they were discussing the IFWRO Non-Profit Organization.However, in an unpredictable turn of eve


 2016-08-06  n/a

23. Make the World a Better Place, Eliminate Rape & Hardcore Porn (Celibacy Advocates)

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Monique Lukens, Jamie Soden, Anthony Bishop and wsdtime talked for two hours about all kinds of things! Monique wrote the title for this episode. A particular area of concern that must be talked about is the damage caused b


 2016-05-01  n/a

22. Let's Talk About Love

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, and Jamie Soden talk about how to define what love is and how we can increase the love in the world. That's the general theme but they talked about several other things like differences between genders, politics, and the Ve


 2016-04-24  n/a

21. Politics, Social Issues, and Separation of Church and State

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Michael Walsh, David Joseph, and Jamie Soden talk about what is going on in US politics and share their impersonal opinions on other topics such as Donald Trump's statement about banning Muslims and the meaning of separatio


 2016-03-27  n/a

20. Comparison of Pantheism and Accutheism

Chandler Klebs asks George Ortega about the difference between his old label of pantheism and his new label of accutheism. This brings up a whole new conversation about the definitions of different words and the failure of humans to communicate.. This it


 2016-02-28  n/a

19. Politics with Mike and Mitch

Chandler Klebs, Michael Walsh, and Mitch J were the only ones available for podcasts on Sunday January 17 2016. Michael suggested talking about politics and what it might mean if certain politicians are elected.... This item has files of the following ty


 2016-01-17  n/a

18. Is Science or Religion the Most Harmful

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Trick Slattery, Michael Walsh, and David Joseph talk about whether Science or Religion causes the most harm. They generally agree that bad thinking is harmful no matter where it comes from.. This item has files of the follo


 2016-01-11  n/a

17. The Quest For A Happier World

Chandler Klebs and George Ortega talk about happiness again and examples of why everything someone does, even the things that appear to cause them pain are done to achieve greater pleasure from a future reward or the feeling that they did the right thing


 2015-12-13  n/a

16. Food, Weight Loss, and Veganism

Chandler Klebs and George Ortega share some impersonal opinions and experiences about food and weight loss. They're both vegan and so their diets and ethical reasons are causally connected. At the end George suggests doing another episode about happiness


 2015-12-13  n/a