Impersonal Opinion

The same cohosts who brought you the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast also present a show to share their off topic opinions. This is meant to be a safe show where everyone should be able to share their honest opinions without fear, blame, hate, or censorship.

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15. What Makes us Happy or Unhappy

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Jamie Soden, and Jessica Gillette talk about the importance of happiness and what factors affect our level of happiness. What can we do to become happier and stay that way Chandler made a mistake at the end of the podcast b


 2015-11-01  n/a

14. Climate Change, Animals, and the End of Electricity

Chandler Klebs, Jamie Soden, and Michael Walsh are greatly concerned about climate change and the causes of it such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and the livestock industries. This brings up other issues about how we treat animals and how human


 2015-10-04  n/a

13. Morality

Mitch J, Chander Klebs, Michael Walsh, George Ortega, and David Joseph talk about the main ideas of morality and how they differ. Mitch seems to have a deontological view that actions are good or bad in and of themselves.... This item has files of the fo


 2015-09-21  n/a

12. Keeping the Feeling of Happiness

Sometimes it can be easy to get depressed about the suffering in the world. Chandler explains why he is sad about the suffering in the world and George tries to help him focus on the positive because happiness is what life is all about.. This item has fi


 2015-09-20  n/a

11. Is the Universe a Brain?

We continue what we started in our last episode. This time we're talking about the idea of intelligence. George makes the argument that since we don't have a free will, our choices and our intelligence in general cannot be attributed to ourselves and mus


 2015-08-17  n/a

10. Consciousness

Some cohosts of the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast have been talking about consciousness and recorded some Impersonal Opinion episodes about defining what consciousness is and exactly what all it applies to.... This item has files of the follow


 2015-08-17  n/a

9. Abortion

Is it ever right to kill? If so, when is it right to kill?Chandler Klebs and Trick Slattery come from very different viewpoints when it comes to the rightness or wrongness of taking a life. Trick things that consciousness and certain experiences are requ


 2015-08-05  n/a

8. Anti-Natalism

Trick Slattery is an anti-natalist and Chandler Klebs requested to record an episode specifically about where he and Trick agree and disagree. Jamie Soden was also available at the time so all three of us shared our opinions without taking anything perso


 2015-08-04  n/a

7. Happiness and Meditation

George Ortega explains his experience with meditation and finding happiness that does not depend on other people. This way ensures that our happiness can't as easily be stolen from us and we also don't put pressure on others to make us happy.. This item


 2015-07-27  n/a

6. The Paradoxical Roni Cairns

We talk with our guest Roni Cairns about paradoxes! We talked about many paradoxes and also definitions of words. Roni begins with a Google definition. paradox: "a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptab


 2015-07-19  n/a