Impulse Project

Excellent music from the demoscene and groups that thrived in the 80's and 90's. Including recent chip tunes, MOD, XM, S3M, and SID modules from all the greatest trackers and artists.

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Rasterized Dream: Intro to POKEY – ip30

Today we’re bringing out the Atari 8 bit line of computers for a spotlight on the 4-channel POKEY chip. – BeWu^Grayscale (Stereo SAP 22kb) – Sven Tegethoff^Gnome Design (Mono SAP 12kb) Failure_Dream.


 2017-06-23  1h9m

Chip Junk – ip29

we're back (a little behind but nevertheless BACK) with an all new episode featuring some great artists and killer tunes. join in and jam with us.


 2017-06-02  47m

Endless Escape: Forever 2017 – ip28

we’ve moved onto another great demo party that took place in Slovakia march 17-19 called FOReVER “Mad Max the 8 bit road” -this is strictly an 8-bit party that primarily focuses on c64, zx spectrum, and the 8-bit atari family.


 2017-04-18  35m

Bubblegum Bleeps: Datastorm 2017 – ip27

today we’re listening to the tunes of Datastorm 2017, the massive demoparty that takes place every year in Gothenburg, Sweden (february 10th-12th). As expected, tons of new demos and music made their debut and here’s our selection of favorites.


 2017-04-07  40m

Lick My Mikrofonu: Rock in the Demoscene – ip26

in this installment of IP we’re listening to rock in the scene. a great selection of tunes with a lot of artists that are new to the show. take a listen! high_blood_pressure.xm – mEAnaLL^d!Gital dOOm (08 channel XM 293kb) guitardemo.


 2017-03-16  55m

Jive Showdown: Intro to 2A03 – ip25

the NES was the definition of household gaming for many of us around the world. and while we got a load of great tunes from games, it wasn’t until much later in the console’s life that people started writing music independently from the industry using ...


 2017-02-15  1h8m

Space Desert – ip24

today we hooked up with Aaron White to listen to some of his favorite scene tunes as well as showcase some original tracks of his own. mod.Funky Desert – Aaron White (04 channel MOD 12kb) 4-mat_backfb – 4mat^anarchy (04 channel MOD 138kb) mod.


 2017-02-02  58m

Cozy Journey: Tunes from 2016 – ip23

it’s the first episode of 2017 and to celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite demoscene tracks from the previous year. jam out to some rocking 2016 hits and ring in the new year with us! To Find Yourself.


 2017-01-19  53m

Santa Girl Snowflakes – ip22

today the impulse project team brings out the xmas spirit with 8 holiday demoscene tracks to end the year on a joyous note. ’tis the season. ho ho ho… (but really tho, these tunes are awesome) winter_worries.


 2016-12-20  58m

Kiss My Groove: Demoscene Jazz – ip21

testing 1, 2… welcome to the impulse project jazz club. in this episode we’re going to let loose a wave of jazz straight from the scene that will have you grooving along. the influences of jazz might not always be obvious but they’ve played a strong ro...


 2016-11-29  50m