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The ”in good shape” studio discussion: each week we invite an expert to the studio to talk about issues concerning health and well-being. Topics include alternative or conventional medicine, exercise, nutrition and wellness. That and more on ”in good shape” every week on DW-TV.

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Sugar - interview with our expert

Nutritional researcher Andreas Pfeiffer of the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam-Rehbrücke talks to In Good Shape about the health risks of consuming large amounts of sugar, and explains why it's okay to eat a few pralines now and then.


 2019-08-28  11m

OCD - In Good Shape talks to an expert

In Good Shape talks with Dr. Tom Bschor from Berlin's Schlosspark Clinic about obsessive-compulsive disorder. The psychiatric expert treats patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He explains what triggers the condition and the best available treatments.


 2019-08-23  8m

Sunscreen and sun glasses

A dermatologist and an optician explain how to protect our skin and our eyes from the blazing sun.


 2019-08-09  10m

The impact of a cancer diagnosis

When 26-year-old Katharina was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, it turned her life upside down. But she did her best to stay positive.


 2019-08-08  4m

A nutrition expert on food supplements

Professor Kristina Norman works at the German Institute of Human Nutrition and at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, where she heads the department of nutrition and gerontology.


 2019-07-25  9m

Talking about Menstruation

Activist and artist Isabel Idun talks about periods. Idun co-founded a collective in Berlin called "Crafts and Cramps”. Using art and political action, the group hopes to break taboos about menstruation. Isabel Idun studied cultural management, majoring in journalism, and has been heavily involved with the subject of menstruation since early 2017.


 2019-07-18  8m

Expert Interview -- Rare diseases

Professor Heiko Krude heads Berlin's Charité Hospital Center for Rare Diseases. He speaks with In Good Shape's Dr. Carsten Lekutat about the difficulties patients with rare diseases face, as well as new diagnostic techniques.


 2019-07-05  7m

Painkillers - The expert's view

Dr. Michael Schenk treats patients suffering from pain. He discusses the most effective treatment options.


 2019-06-28  7m

A Yoga Teacher’s Insights

Farhad Djabbari has been practicing yoga for a long time and has introduced many students to the benefits of the ancient practice. In Good Shape host Carsten Lekutat got the instructor to show him some poses.


 2019-06-21  8m

Happiness coaching

Angela Bachfeld offers courses in becoming happy. Carsten Lekutat went to find out what it is all about.


 2019-06-14  12m