Each week a new podcast in a new format. Inconstant is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

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episode 3: Talking about Sales with Michael Chan and Saif Khan

What skills do sales people need?


 2021-04-09  46m

episode 2: Weird Questions with Sam Whyte

We talk about teenage grooming, mental health, and embarrassment


 2021-04-09  n/a

episode 1: Introducing Audiobookish - A podcast about Audiobooks

A brand new podcast for everyone that loves audiobooks


 2021-02-23  38m

Season Three is on it's way

Episode Notes

Hello everyone. After a long hiatus, we are back. Season three will be a series of interviews with people in business.

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 2021-01-30  1m

episode 18: Dave Chawner answers my weird questions

Comedian and author Dave Chawner is in top form


 2020-09-14  43m

episode 17: Ryan Spielman answers my weird questions

WE talk Jiu-jitsu, changing careers, yoga, and, if he would frighten a small child


 2020-09-02  44m

episode 16: The Dogs and the Fleas By One of the Dogs as written by Frederic Scrimshaw

Political relevant rant from a hundred years ago! Vote Trump Out!


 2020-07-16  6m

episode 15: Sharkzspolaroid answers my weird questions

Wear a mask and pretend to be a luchadore!


 2020-07-07  40m

episode 14: Marcus Mckenzie answers my weird questions

We talk jiu-jitsu, photography, and, Pokemon.


 2020-07-02  50m

episode 13: Circe by Madeline Miller with Yusuf Goolam-Hossen

Greek myths! Was Odysseus a dick?


 2020-06-23  58m