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Comedians Hank Thompson & Alan Lebetkin are both head cases who think they know a lot about science.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h12m. Bisher sind 36 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


036 - 7 New Planets / Loneliness

NASA announces seven new Earth-like planets found around a SINGLE star! We plunge further in the depths of loneliness, down to a cellular level. Finally something goes wrong and there's an uncomfortable argument over a trash bag of empty Diet Coke cans. I


 2017-02-28  1h31m

035 - Elon Musk Tunnel Update / Exploding Whales / Food Texture

Finally some details on the Elon Musk tunnel project. Alan is calmer now, just wanted some details. In other news a bunch of whales are exploding somewhere and Alan cares way too much about food textures.


 2017-02-20  1h30m

034 - Elon Musk's Anti-Union / Europa's Ocean / Seismic Mapping

The mask is off! We are at last seeing what Alan has been saying all along: Elon Musk is a dick! (Alan still sucks at explaining why though.) In other news, NASA wants to explore Europa's massive ocean, and seismic mapping here at planet Home is making re


 2017-02-13  1h30m

033 - Hypernormalisation / Teen Worms / Quantum Computing

Alan finally watched Hypernormalisation (in 480p!) and is ready to talk. Teen worms can get angsty too. Quantum computing is back! (It was never gone...)


 2017-02-06  1h26m

032 - Hydrogen Metal / Elon Musk's Stupid Tunnel / Bundling Dating

Metallic Hydrogen once again rears its theoretical head. Alan throws another one of his hissyfits over Elon Musk and La La Land. Get a grip, dude. Finally we discuss the lost and preferable dating ritual of sleeping with a plank of wood.


 2017-01-31  1h16m

031 - Womens March / Venus / Computer Reads Newspaper

We broadcast live from the LA Womens March, then head into the studio (Hank's dark apartment) to argue about Venus, artificial intelligence, and more fucking Trump.


 2017-01-23  1h22m

030 - Tooth Rant / Tarantula Eats Snake / Novas & Relativity

Oh god, Alan has something to say about teeth. The prophesy of the tarantula eating the snake is fulfilled. Hank and Alan confuse each other about novas and relativity, even though this is a science podcast and we should know this stuff.


 2017-01-16  1h12m

029 - Planet 9 / Hypernormalisation / Cold Duck Noses

Maybe we'll discover a 9th planet to move to during the Trump years. Hypernormalisation is a British documentary so you haven't heard of it, but it's available in 480p! Ducks get cold noses, per science.


 2017-01-09  1h17m

028 - Moon Tubes / Chimp Butts / Uber / Zika

A lot to talk about this week! Tune in for hot talk on moon tubes, nano tubes (bonus tubes!), chimp butts, why Uber sucks, and how to beat Zika.


 2016-12-26  1h6m

027 - Autism Brain / Earth Is Cooling / Penis Bones

Scientists are getting closer to figuring out Alan's autism! Oh shit the Earth is cooling! Penis bones!


 2016-12-21  1h16m