InnerVerse with host Chance Garton is a podcast for all the creatives, syncromystics, holistic healers, and occult researchers who are ready to take personal responsibility under natural law to manifest a more magical life. Pry open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and flow in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Fall & The Underworld Journey with Jason Quitt & Mario Garza (Symbolic Studies) Vibe Rant 107

Author and esoteric researcher Jason Quitt joins Vibe Rant tonight. In his previous appearances on InnerVerse, we discussed his two books, Egyptian Postures of Power and Astral Genesis. In classic Vibe Rant style, we'll be blessed to witness the first time mind-meld between Jason, Slick Dissident, and fan-favorite regular, Mario Garza of Symbolic Studies...




Lost History & The Oera Linda Book, Part 2: with Dylan Saccoccio & Slick Dissident | Vibe Rant 106

Tonight we continue sailing the unexplored waters of the Oera Linda Book, an apparently ancient codex detailing a very different history of civilization and language than the mainstream. Dylan Saccoccio returns to share his examinations of the text. Last time, we talked about the linguistics and philosophy in the OLB, and in this show, we'll look more into the historical narrative it describes...



episode 36: Clive de Carle Health Supplement Secrets Methylene Blue, Detoxing Metal, & Other Essentials

Reclaim Your Knowledge of Nutritional Remedies...



Conspirituality: The Spiritual Side of Conspiracy with Chance Garton | Alt-ernative Podcast #042

Video Episode on alt-ernative -

Had an enjoyable wide-ranging chat with the guys at alt-ernative, covering everything from cosmology to common sense.





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AstroHerbalism: Virgo w/ Kyle (Tippecanoe), Michelle Lunduist, Mario Garza & Slick | Vibe Rant 105

The Virgo is always right! Join us for the 11th installment of our ongoing Astro-Herbalism series, to examine the doctrine of signatures and expressions in the plant kingdom that pertain to the Queen of the zodiacal Heavens, Virgo. Enlightening us with their expertise once again are the legendary herbal alchemists Kyle Denton (Tippecanoe Herbs) and Michelle Lundquist (Michelle's Healing Home)...




Reinventing the RituaWheel with Jorge Mesa (Third Eye Edify) & Kyle Denton | Vibe Rant 104

Jorge Mesa of Third Eye Edify podcast returns to catch us up on his recent research. Jorge is a lifelong musician, teacher, father, and student of the mysteries...




Blue Morpho Domes & Environmental Resilience with Christopher Gardner of BioCharisma | Vibe Rant 103

Christopher Gardner of BioCharisma returns to talk about Blue Morpho Dome building, the DEWs and don'ts of weathering storms, both natural and artificial, plasma charge petrification, and the myth of Medusa. You never know what nuggets of wizardly wisdom might emerge from Gardner, so prepare for some enlightening surprises.


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