InnerVerse with host Chance Garton is a podcast for all the creatives, syncromystics, holistic healers, and occult researchers who are ready to take personal responsibility under natural law to manifest a more magical life. Pry open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and flow in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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 2019-01-09  1h17m

episode 2: 118 - Nancy Byrne | Choices, Consequences & The Call of Spirit

Pay Attention Or Get The Wake Up Call


 2019-01-19  1h13m

episode 3: 119 - Paul Lenda | Creating A Consciousness Shift

It's all one, all connected, and all spirit


 2019-01-26  1h5m

episode 4: 120 - Pharoh Tahar | Alchemy, Arcadia, and The Human Experience

Transmute the Fear Until Love Is Here


 2019-02-01  1h24m

episode 5: 121 - Ras Ben | Ancestors, Star Nations & Crystal Technology

Obedience to your spirit is its own reward...


 2019-02-09  1h18m

episode 6: Madalyn Elizabeth | Ceremonial Cacao & Conscious Intimacy

Love is the solution for fractal planetary evolution


 2019-02-18  1h24m

episode 7: Bradley Philpott | The Fool's Journey: Reiki & How To Be A Shaman

Raise the vibe, heal the tribe!


 2019-03-01  1h15m

 2019-03-09  1h11m

episode 9: Garrett Graham | Holistic Healing & Full Spectrum Training

Move in new ways, think in new ways...


 2019-03-15  1h12m

 2019-03-25  1h21m