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Hosted by FIA-accredited print & TV journalists, the Inside Line F1 Podcast is a weekly show that offers an alternative view on the sport, business and politics of Formula 1. On our channel, you will find race reviews, previews, interviews and features through the Formula 1 season...and in the summer/winter breaks. Our show hosts: Soumil Arora, @f1statsguru, Mithila Mehta & Kunal Shah. Formula 1 drivers on our show: Mika Hakkinen, Nico Rosberg, Charles Leclerc, David Coulthard, Karun Chandhok, Romain Grosjean, Valtteri Bottas, Lando Norris among others. Broadcasters on the Inside Line F1 Podcast: Peter Windsor, Steve Slater, Ben Edwards, Bob Varsha, Atle Gulbrandsen, Matthew Marsh among others.  We are an independent Formula 1 podcast available everywhere on the Internet - search 'Inside Line F1 Podcast' on your favourite audio streaming app.  Miss us as you wait for our next episode? Join our near 45,000+ member community on Instagram. Hosts: Soumil Arora, Mithila Mehta & Kunal Shah Stats: Sundaram Ramaswami (aka @f1statsguru) Data: Nithyanand Ram Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt

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episode 2: F1's prejudice against American drivers - with Bob Varsha (re-visited)

It's still the off-season and we're re-visiting some of our best episodes from the last couple of seasons. This episode is a mash-up of Bob Varsha's finest comments on the Inside Line F1 Podcast through 2022. Yes, we were honoured to have the American F1 broadcasting legend (the 'Voice of F1' in the USA) on our show multiple times...


 2023-01-23  26m

F1 Pitstop with the Inside Line Club

We're starting 2023 with a bang...and you are invited to join the fun...


 2023-01-10  1m

episode 1: Revamp F1’s Driver Academies: Peter Windsor-Inside Line (re-visited)

Happy New Year! But of course, we have to wait a few months before wishing each other a happy new season! 

Announcement - we're planning our first offline meet-up in Mumbai on 15th January. (More details to follow on our socials)

We start 2023 with one of our best episodes - yes, it's a re-visit from when the legendary broadcaster and award-winning journalist Peter Windsor was a guest on our show...


 2023-01-03  35m

episode 74: When Adrian Newey was of interest to Force India (re-visited)

This is probably our final episode of 2022 - and it's a re-run of our most-popular episode from the Force India F1 Team stories. In this episode, Soumil Arora hosts former Force India F1 Team members, Ravikant Sabnavis and Kunal Shah (yes, he's also one of our co-hosts), to share interesting stories of their time with the team...


 2022-12-20  40m

episode 73: BTS: Bernie Ecclestone & 'Lucky' with Manish Pandey

'Lucky' is easily one of the most-awaited Motorsport series in Formula 1's ongoing winter break. Directed by award-winner Manish Pandey (of 'Senna' fame), Lucky is narrated by Formula 1's original Ringmaster & Wizard of Oz, Bernie Ecclestone...


 2022-12-12  46m

episode 72: 2022 Inside Line F1 Parody Awards

Our most-awaited, funniest and wittiest episode of the year - the Inside Line F1 Parody Awards. This is the 10th edition of the Inside Line F1 Parody Awards, where 'winner is never who you think it is'.

The trio, Soumil, @f1statsguru (aka Sundaram) and Kunal get together to bring to you this hour-long special that captures some of the best, almost forgotten & most-cherished moments from the 2022 Formula 1 season...


 2022-12-05  1h5m

episode 71: Donuts for all...but Mick Schumacher - 2022 Abu Dhabi GP Review

Why was Mick Schumacher stopped from doing post-season celebratory donuts? Why did the FIA designate an area for donuts? And of course, Schumacher's synchronised spinning with Nicholas Latifi...


 2022-11-21  29m

episode 70: Farewell: GOAT, Seb, Mick, Daniel - 2022 Abu Dhabi GP Preview

Four Formula 1 drivers will have a farewell race this weekend at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - but we hope that at least three of them have a chance to return to Formula 1 in the near future.

Sorry, Nicholas Latifi, but it's tough to add you to that list (unless you send a few million $$$ to our account!).

Soumil, @f1statsguru aka Sundaram and Kunal bring to you the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP preview episode on the Inside Line F1 Podcast...


 2022-11-17  26m

episode 69: Why, Max Verstappen, Why? 2022 Brazil GP Review

Why, Max Verstappen, why? The two-time World Champion let go of the 'cheapest' way to secure Sergio Perez's loyalty at the 2022 Sao Paulo GP or the 2022 Brazilian GP (whatever you want to call it!).

And then of course, we had a Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton on-track, that cost both teams a bit of body work...


 2022-11-14  31m

episode 68: Lewis Hamilton's honorary home race - 2022 Sao Paolo GP Preview

It's officially the Sao Paolo GP - even though we're accustomed to calling it the Brazilian GP over the years! Call it what you may, this is Lewis Hamilton's 'honorary' home race after he was granted honorary citizenship of Brazil - a heart-warming gesture, to say the least.

For our regulars, you already know that we will be hosting this season's final live race watchalong for this weekend's race. The super host and pundit will the legendary Peter Windsor...


 2022-11-10  28m