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The Inside Line F1 Podcast is a weekly show that adds humour to the otherwise serious world of Formula 1. Hosted by Mithila and Kunal, this podcast offers an alternative view on the sport, business and politics of Formula 1. Our Pits To Podium segment is hosted by Soumil and Kunal. This segment brings to you topical news, previews, race debriefs and feature stories from the world of Motorsport. For your weekly dose of Formula 1 humour, search 'Inside Line F1 Podcast' on your favourite audio streaming app - we are present everywhere on the Internet. Miss us as you wait for our next episode? Engage with us on Facebook. Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt Stats courtesy: Sundaram Ramaswami & Nithyanand Ram

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episode 54: Tow, Tow, Tow + 5 Things To Watch For - 2021 Italian GP Preview

The tow is worth about 0.7s per lap - so that's our pick for the buzzword for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix. But of course, 'slipstreaming' and 'drafting' come a very close second. The 2021 Italian Grand Prix also sees a return of the F1 Sprint - a second chance to like (or dislike!?) the format a bit more, we guess.  Subscribe to our newsletter! It's free, informative, insightful and visually appealing. You can read more and sign up...


 2021-09-09  29m

episode 53: Zandvoort Shows What F1 Is All About - 2021 Dutch GP Review

OMG, Zandvoort just delivered the most-perfect Formula 1 Grand Prix since a long long time. Here's the best to describe how we saw it - is that a music festival? is that a Formula 1? It's the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix!  Subscribe to our newsletter! It's free, informative, insightful and visually appealing. You can read more and sign up. Max Mania, Super Max, Magic Verstappen and several other terms were used for Red Bull Racing's winning driver this weekend...


 2021-09-05  31m

episode 52: Orange Army, Verstappen vs Hamilton, Booing + 5 things to watch for - 2021 Dutch GP Preview

Could Lewis Hamilton score his 100th Formula 1 win in front of Max Verstappen's 'Orange Army' at Zandvoort? Will Zandvoort offer us good racing this Sunday? It's certain that the qualifying hour will be fun to watch - drivers finding the limit of their cars on a narrow, fast-flowing and banked circuit.  P.S.: For all our Dutch listeners attending the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix, please refrain from booing Hamilton this weekend...


 2021-09-02  23m

episode 51: Half Points For No Race - 2021 NOT Belgian GP Review

The Formula 1 teams-drivers had half points awarded for no race. So of course, you are now served a full Grand Prix length episode for no race. There are no team-driver performances to talk about - but Soumil and Kunal wonder if the FIA could have acted differently during the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix. Believe it or not, the alternate title for this episode was 'Michael Messy...'. Yes, we know that one man isn't to blame at all...


 2021-08-30  28m

episode 50: Spa For Him & Her, 5 Things To Watch For - 2021 Belgian GP Preview

Yeah, it's been a week of the 'Spa for him & spa for her' memes. But really, we think that Spa is for everyone. It is one of the most-iconic circuits in the world of Motorsport. But what makes Spa so special? What is the challenge of Spa for the teams-drivers come the weekend of the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix? And of course,  Soumil and Kunal share the ONE thing they both think you should watch for at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps...


 2021-08-26  27m

episode 49: Best Mid-Season Stats Review - 2021 Formula 1 Season

Did you know that for the first time in history, the second half of the 2021 Formula 1  season has more races than the first? Did you know that Max Verstappen has led 4x the number of laps in the races than Lewis Hamilton this season? Yes, and he still trails him by 8 points in the Drivers' Championship.  If you're a fan of Formula 1 stats (quite frankly, who isn't?), we've got Sundaram 'statman' Ramaswami joining Soumil and Kunal in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast...


 2021-08-14  30m

episode 48: Alonso Wins Hearts, Ocon Wins Race - 2021 Hungarian GP Review

HOLY WOW! That was an epic race on all counts. The start, opening lap, one-car restart, the 'what's actually happening in the race?' phase, Lewis Hamliton's undercuts-overtakes & then Fernando Alonso's brilliant defensive driving and team play. Was there a moment from the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix that you did not enjoy?  (The episode description follows below) For our global audiences, get 20% OFF at Manscaped + free shipping with promo code TRIMINSIDE at MANSCAPED...


 2021-08-02  46m

episode 47: Hungary For More Of HAM-VER + 5 Things To Watch For - 2021 Hungarian GP

The Hungaroring is the perfect venue for the battle between Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton to resume. The circuit places emphasis on track position, has just about one overtaking spot & offers diverse race strategy options. Adding to Mercedes-Hamilton's momentum is the FIA's rejection of Red Bull Racing's request to review the infamous crash from the British GP...


 2021-07-29  32m

episode 46: How Did You Fall In Love With F1? Hear Our Stories

How did you fall in love with Formula 1? Was it a controversy or a crash? Or was it the automobile brands that have been competing ever since? Or was it a driver or two or three that made you a fan of the sport?  In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, RJ Rishi Kapoor joins Soumil and Kunal as we narrate the stories that made us fall in love with the sport of Formula 1. And of course, for our old timers, this episode is Rishi's homecoming of sorts...


 2021-07-25  1h2m

episode 45: Did Hamilton Get Carried Away? Was FIA Too Lenient? 2021 British GP Review

Boy, oh, boy! It finally happened - a coming together of title rivals, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton! Undeniably, one of the questions that's split the world of Formula 1 is - who was at fault? Was Verstappen too aggressive or was Hamilton too optimistic? Did Hamilton get carried away with the emotion of racing at home in front of the passionate British fans?  But why can't we just classify it as a racing incident? Soumil and Kunal ponder further in this week's episode of the Inside Line F1...


 2021-07-18  36m