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The Inside Line F1 Podcast is a weekly show that adds humour to the otherwise serious world of Formula 1. Hosted by Mithila and Kunal, this podcast offers an alternative view on the sport, business and politics of Formula 1. Our Pits To Podium segment is hosted by Soumil and Kunal. This segment brings to you topical news, previews, race debriefs and feature stories from the world of Motorsport. For your weekly dose of Formula 1 humour, search 'Inside Line F1 Podcast' on your favourite audio streaming app - we are present everywhere on the Internet. Miss us as you wait for our next episode? Engage with us on Facebook. Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt Stats courtesy: Sundaram Ramaswami & Nithyanand Ram

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episode 21: 21: Welcome To Podcasts, Formula 1

Welcome to the world of podcasts, Formula 1\. We've had your back for the last 6 years and now we look forward to you increasing the size of the pie for all of us ;-)  In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](http://bit...


 2018-07-04  20m

episode 22: 22: Points For Everyone? Please, No, F1

The 'points for all' topic is disturbing. No, please don't go down this road, Formula 1\. We've gone from awarding points to top-6 to top-8 and now 50% of the grid (top-10) scores points. By increasing the base of points scorers to 100% (all-20), we will go from incentivising drivers to win or finish higher to simply just finishing races. Is this Formula 1's way of retaining Fernando Alonso? In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](http://bit...


 2018-07-11  19m

episode 23: 23: Motorsport's Quadruple Crown Cometh?

If Motorsport makes it to the Olympics, would winning 'gold' become the Quadruple Crown of Motorsport? In that case, we know one driver that would chase this crown irrespective of what category of racing it may be and of course, irrespective of how old he would be then...


 2018-07-18  24m

episode 24: 24: The Nico Hulkenberg Interview Podcast

Nico Hulkenberg, one of two German drivers racing in the 2018 Formula 1 Season, joined us on this special episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast]( We discussed Hulkenberg's career prospects, relationship with Renault and Carlos Sainz Jr., the possibilities of racing for either Ferrari or Mercedes and even about his elusive podium...


 2018-07-21  16m

episode 25: 25: Mclaren Approached Lewis Hamilton Too?

Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1's reigning World Champion and super star, recently admitted that a 'rival' team attempted to sign him for 2019 and 2020\. In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](, we speculate if this 'rival' was Mclaren indeed...


 2018-07-27  26m

episode 26: 26: Freddie On James: The Hunt Exclusive

The [Inside Line F1 Podcast]( returns after a sunny summer break from the beaches of Greece. In this week's episode, we commemorate 25 years since James Hunt and who better than his son Freddie to narrate stories, incidents and the passion of the 1976 Formula 1 World Champion.  Did _Rush_ add to Hunt's popularity? And what if social media existed back in the Hunt-Lauda era? Know more in our **Hunt exclusive episode**...


 2018-08-17  27m

episode 27: 27: Where Will Racing Point Force India Finish In 2018?

Hats off to Formula 1 for pulling off the unthinkable! Is Force India's resurrection the first instance where every stakeholder of the sport has come together and acted with the _'sport first'_ intention? It will be good to see the _Pink Panthers_ continue racing in 2018 and we're putting our bets on them not finishing last in the Constructors' Championship despite having all their points docked off.  In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](http://bit...


 2018-08-25  24m

episode 28: 28: Fernando Alonso Can't Be F1's Ambassador

Formula 1 hopes that Fernando Alonso will be the sport's ambassador despite choosing to race elsewhere in 2019\. Well, we're certain Alonso (also Briatore?) wouldn't mind the 'ambassadorship' if it comes with some money & maybe a guarantee of a faster car in the future? Either way, why Formula 1 would ask Alonso to be their ambassador baffles us. The double World Champion has only had negative things to say about the sport for the last many years...


 2018-08-30  29m

episode 29: 29: Ocon Exclusive: Would Rather A Slower Car Than Not Race In F1 At All

Where could Esteban Ocon race in 2019? For Formula 1 fans, this question is as intriguing as 'who could win the Drivers' Championship in 2018?' - and given how the driver silly season has panned out, let's hope that Ocon gets a suitable car that compliments his talent.  In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we have a special guest - Esteban Ocon himself...


 2018-09-03  14m

episode 30: 30: Kimi Raikkonen For Vice President

Will Ferrari re-sign Kimi Raikkonen? Or will Kimi Raikkonen resign from Ferrari and Formula 1? There are tons of rumours doing the rounds last week and while we ignore them all, we wonder if Kimi Raikkonen would actually be well suited to become Vice President...


 2018-09-09  23m