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episode 31: 31: Leclerc Exclusive: 'I Am Not That Famous Yet!'

After weeks of rumours, the Raikkonen-Leclerc swap was finally announced. Hats off to Ferrari for making an exception and realising that an early investment in Charles Leclerc's progression in the world of Formula 1 is only going to pay them early dividends. But is this also a sign from Ferrari that they are beginning to lose hope in Sebastian Vettel's erring ways? In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we have bytes from the man-on-the-move himself, Charles Leclerc...


 2018-09-12  24m

episode 32: 32: Mick Schumacher Joins Ferrari, Obviously

Helmut Marko has denied being in talks with Mick Schumacher to join the Red Bull Junior Driver program. Could this actually be a hint that Red Bull are already in talks with the young Schumacher? There's going to be a race to sign him - who will win this one? But of course, Ferrari did.  In this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , we have Ashley give us a brief summary of the Singapore Grand Prix and her experiences from the Marina Bay Circuit...


 2018-09-20  29m

episode 33: 33: In F1, Ferrari = Google, Mercedes = Apple

The Ferrari vs. Mercedes battle in the current Formula 1 season is like the Google vs. Apple battle in the world of smartphones. There's little doubt why Mercedes have managed to come out on top for two consecutive seasons. Tune in to hear more on this analogy.  Also in this week's episode, we have Lucien's 'Moments in Time' section where we remind our viewers that there is more to our Russian Grand Prix memories than Daniil Kvyat's torpedo moment...


 2018-09-27  25m

episode 34: 34: What Could Be Sebastian Vettel's Future In F1?

Will Sebastian Vettel go the Fernando Alonso way? Or will he retire from the sport as a quadruple World Champion? Or will he follow Michael Schumacher's footsteps and take on a team management role? What are the chances of Vettel jumping ship to Mercedes; a German driver racing for a German team and all of that.....


 2018-10-04  24m

episode 35: 35: Please Don't Take Away Our Chequered Flag

Will Lewis Hamilton clinch his 5th World Championship title at this weekend’s United States Grand Prix? Will Donald Trump follow Vladimir Putin’s lead and attend the race at the Circuit of the Americas? Well, what we are more concerned about is Formula 1 not replacing our beloved and iconic chequered flag with a digital version next season...


 2018-10-18  32m

episode 36: 36: Celebrating The Legend Of Kimi Raikkonen

Yes, we are still celebrating Kimi Raikkonen's victory from last Sunday. But that's how it should be with Raikkonen's wins - they don't come as often, so when they do, one better celebrate it in true Raikkonen style ;-)  In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we reveal what Ferrari need to do to motivate Raikkonen to deliver as Raikkonen should. And no, this doesn't include the 'champagne on the podium' mantra...


 2018-10-26  30m

episode 37: 37: Why No F1 Fan Should Hate Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is the perfect embodiment of Liberty Media's vision for Formula 1 - embracing the show without compromising on speed. In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](, we tell you that the 2018 Formula 1 Season is proof why NO Formula 1 fan should hate Lewis Hamilton...


 2018-11-04  21m

episode 38: 38: Vettel Missing A Mentor At Ferrari?

Sebastian Vettel could be missing a mentor at Ferrari. In fact, could Ferrari do better with a ‘real’ racer at the helm of affairs? We explain our view in this week’s episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast]( by comparing the pressures between a Formula 1 driver and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company...


 2018-11-08  22m

episode 39: 39: What Year Will Alonso Be Back In F1?

Will Fernando Alonso give us a chance to miss him? What year could Alonso be back in Formula 1 - 2020, 2021 or 2022? Also, more than what year, it will also be a question of with which team. We certainly don't think it would be Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull.  In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](, Mithila and Kunal wonder if Alonso's exit would see a mass exodus of fans from Formula 1 - that's exactly what happened when Michael Schumacher quit...


 2018-11-29  31m

episode 40: 40: Man vs. Machine Intensified In F1

Formula 1 is set to introduce a new television graphics package in 2019. This could mean that drivers will not only battle each other, but against advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that will tell television viewers the probability of an overtake happening. Whether you enjoy such data or not, the 2019 Formula 1 Season will see the 'man vs. machine' fight play out on a different level altogether...


 2018-12-08  24m