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episode 11: 11: Marko's 2020 Wishes For Verstappen: Virus AND World Title

Helmut Marko is one helluva chap! He's wished the worst and best for Max Verstappen in 2020 - a virus and a Formula 1 World Championship! If Marko's wishes come true, Verstappen would go from a life-threatening virus to a life-changing moment in a matter of a few months. Btw, 2020 is his only chance to claim the tag of the youngest-ever Formula 1 World Champion from Sebastian Vettel...


 2020-03-26  23m

episode 12: 12: Lando Norris & Twitch - F1's Latest Obsessions

At the moment, Lando Norris is the only 'thing' about Formula 1 that's operating. The Mclaren racer has become a Twitch sensation - entertaining the much-deprived fans with lots of virtual racing action. If we were MotoGP, Formula E and the Indy Car series, we'd invite Norris to race virtually in our series, too...


 2020-04-02  24m

episode 13: 13: Unusual Calendar To Be Expected For F1 2020

In these unprecedented times, could Formula 1 run unusual experiments in 2020? The obvious suggestions have been running races clockwise and anti-clockwise or running 'Grand Slam' races or a 2020-21 super season. But could Formula 1 also explore more unusual options? How about racing on a non-weekend day? Okay, if that's doesn't make the cut with you, would a quadruple header do? Also in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast (https://bit...


 2020-04-08  23m

episode 14: 14: Virtual Grands Prix: Not The Future Of F1, Please?

Okay, the question has to be asked. Are 'Virtual Grands Prix' the future of Formula 1? For our sake, let's really hope not. We'd rather that it was Formula E! The question also has to be asked - how much is too much when it comes to the virtual races? There's a race every second day! Anyone who is a someone is trying their hand at virtual racing - heck, we even had a cricketer and golfer try their luck. In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast (https://bit...


 2020-04-16  25m

episode 15: 15: Rival Teams To Protest Leclerc's Sim Setup?

Charles Leclerc is on a roll (again!). He's won two Virtual GPs back-to-back. We're sure you remember what happened the last time he won two Formula 1 GPs back-to-back - there were protests against Ferrari's power unit. We assume that protesting against sim setup is the virtual racing equivalent to protesting against Ferrari's power unit...


 2020-04-23  22m

episode 16: 16: Will F1's Budget Cap Force Ferrari To Race In Formula E?

Ferrari are at it again. The Italian horse is prancing in a direction most of Formula 1 doesn't wish to go in. Ferrari's arguments against the all-teams-are-equal budget cap hold merit, but they assume that all will be hunky-dory in Formula 1 once the virus is contained. But why is it that Ferrari always have an alternate view on the affairs of Formula 1? In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast (https://bit...


 2020-05-01  26m

episode 17: 17: WHAT IF Ecclestone Buys F1 Back From Liberty Media?

In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , we discuss a few WHAT IF scenarios. What if Mercedes leaves Formula 1? What if Nico Rosberg makes a comeback? What if the entire grid were to get Ferrari's power units? What if Stroll-Wolff buy Formula 1 from Liberty Media? OR what if Bernie Ecclestone buys Formula 1 back from Liberty Media? ECC's said that he's not interested.....


 2020-05-08  27m

episode 18: 18: Should Ferrari-Vettel Even Bother To Partner In F1 2020?

The Vettel-Ferrari relationship nosedived fairly suddenly. From being 'The One' who would help Ferrari reclaim their days of glory, Vettel was quickly relegated to the illustrious list of World Champions who failed to win titles with Ferrari - Fernando Alonso and Alain Prost being the other two. Were Ferrari right in letting go of Vettel? Will the Carlos Sainz Jr...


 2020-05-15  29m

episode 19: 19: When Last Did Sebastian Vettel Race Like A Champion?

Yes, there's more and more pouring out of Sebastian Vettel's divorce with Ferrari. After all, yet another former World Champion's career has been messed up by Ferrari, or was it the other way around? The moot question - when last did Sebastian Vettel race a full season like a former World Champion looking for his next title? This episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast (https://bit...


 2020-05-20  1h13m

episode 20: 20: Why Driver Salaries Should Never Be Included In The Budget Cap

Formula 1 and the FIA have made one of their most sublime moves in recent times on the teams - a budget cap and handicap for aerodynamic development. They've also introduced two new terms that we will hear for the rest of time - glide path (for the budget cap) and sliding scale (for the aero cap). But the ONE THING we don't ever wish to have added to the budget cap is driver salaries. Also in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast (https://bit...


 2020-05-28  25m