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Hosted by FIA-accredited print & TV journalists, the Inside Line F1 Podcast is a weekly show that offers an alternative view on the sport, business and politics of Formula 1. On our channel, you will find race reviews, previews, interviews and features through the Formula 1 season. Join our race watchalong sessions with Peter Windsor, award-winning F1 journalist & former team manager with Williams & Ferrari. On the live stream, you can discuss with Peter & our hosts various race-related topics - on-track action, performances, insights & more. Join us to enhance your real-time race viewing experience! Get your FREE access pass: Peter Windsor's live race watchalong session on Paytm Insider with the Inside Line F1 Podcast. We are an independent Formula 1 podcast available everywhere on the Internet - search 'Inside Line F1 Podcast' on your favourite audio streaming app.  Miss us as you wait for our next episode? Join our near 40,000+ member community on Instagram. Hosts: Soumil Arora, Mithila Mehta & Kunal Shah Stats: Sundaram Ramaswami (aka @f1statsguru) Data: Nithyanand Ram Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt

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episode 29: Why Monaco Excites F1 & Us - 2022 Monaco GP Preview

It's time for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix and we tell you just why all of Formula 1 is excited...including us! For starters, a lot of drivers call Monaco 'home'. They will walk to their race cars from their living rooms, just as us mortals do.  But there's more to excite about Monaco, the 'Crown Jewel' of Motorsport. The history is represents & the challenges it offers to teams-drivers alike...


 2022-05-26  36m

episode 30: Madness in Monaco: Perez, Ferrari, FIA - 2022 Monaco GP Review

The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix was unusual, fun & chaotic. Did the late start & fewer race laps rob us of more fun and chaos on the streets of Monaco? Soumil & Kunal review the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix on the Inside Line F1 Podcast, along with the stats review segment by @f1statsguru aka Sundaram.  The Inside Line F1 Podcast is brought to you by Eight Sleep, the most-trusted name in high-performance sleep. Here's an exclusive offer for our listeners...


 2022-05-30  37m

episode 31: Sleep Fitness in Formula 1 with Mercedes

Sleep fitness in Formula 1 - that's what Eight Sleep is powering for the Mercedes Formula 1 Team.  In Formula 1, 'track to road' technology transfer is a common term. But what Eight Sleep is doing is the reverse - using consumer-led wearable technology to help increase the performance of the reigning Formula 1 World Champion team.  The Inside Line F1 Podcast is brought to you by Eight Sleep, the most-trusted name in high-performance sleep...


 2022-06-02  24m

episode 32: Daniel Ricciardo Never Arrived At Mclaren

Let alone Mclaren, will Daniel Ricciardo have a future in Formula 1? The awesome Australian is currently experiencing a low almost no one expected after his star signing at Mclaren from 2021. As Soumil points out, history has shown that such drastic career lows have often seen great talents bow out of Formula 1 - Damon Hill-Jordan, Juan Pablo Montoya-Mclaren and Jacques Villeneuve-BMW to name a few...


 2022-06-06  29m

episode 33: Welcome Back-u - 2022 Azerbaijan GP Preview

Monaco, but with a long straight; a mix of Monaco and Monza - call it what you may, the Baku City Circuit is a model street circuit. It's how street circuits should be...apart from Monaco. In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil and Kunal preview the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. @f1statsguru aka Sundaram has his stats preview segment while Aditya Bhat ( explains the challenges of the 'castle section' at Baku...


 2022-06-09  31m

episode 34: The Prancing Bulls Win Ferrari's Race Again - 2022 Azerbaijan GP Review

The 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix was dramatic - but it didn't offer the kind of drama we normally associate with the Baku City Circuit. High speed battles, overtakes and so on.  The highlight of the race was Ferrari's double DNF (their first since 2020) followed by most retirements by Ferrari-powered teams. After starting the season strongly, the Scuderia now trail Red Bull Racing by 80 points in the Constructors' Championship...


 2022-06-13  32m

episode 35: Liked By Pierre Gasly - 2022 Canadian GP Preview

Yes, our 2022 Canadian Grand Prix Preview is 'liked by Pierre Gasly'! After all, we too want to be a part of the ongoing memes. But on a more serious note, here's our 2022 Canadian Grand Prix preview. The Inside Line F1 Podcast is brought to you by Eight Sleep, the most-trusted name in high-performance sleep. Would you like to sleep on a bed-mattress designed by Formula 1 engineers to enhance your sleep quality? Here's an exclusive offer for our listeners...


 2022-06-16  38m

episode 36: El Plan To El Pain - 2022 Canadian GP Review (ft. Abhishek Takle)

We won't lie - we had high expectations from Fernando Alonso who started the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix from the front row. And we know that we were not alone.  We expected the former World Champion to make life difficult for Max Verstappen at the start and on the opening lap. But what a damp squib that turned out to be! However, that didn't deter Formula 1 from delivering a nail-biting race at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal...


 2022-06-20  52m

episode 37: F1 Explained: What is F1? How did it all begin?

'F1 Explained' is a new series on the Inside Line F1 Podcast that will re-visit some of the most-basic questions, rules & history on the sport of Formula 1.

This series will be hosted by Mithila & the segments will be presented by Aditya Bhat, the creator of the on Instagram...


 2022-06-25  7m

episode 38: F1 2023 calendar rotation, Schumacher, Mansell, Hil & more - with Steve Slater

'Where it all began' is the best tagline for Formula 1 at Silverstone, the venue of the iconic and historic British Grand Prix.

As a bonus feature for the upcoming 2022 British Grand Prix, the legendary Steve Slater, the 'voice of F1', joined us on the Inside Line F1 Podcast to narrate some of the finest British GP moments over the years.

The Inside Line F1 Podcast is brought to you by Eight Sleep, the most-trusted name in high-performance sleep...


 2022-06-28  52m