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episode 48: Missile strike, fake marina, Pias-co & more: Mid-season Review - 2022 Formula 1 Season

'And the Oscar goes to...'

A mid-season review episode like no other! But it's not the usual categories - best driver, best team & so on. We're different, remember? ;-)

Join our race watchalong sessions with the legendary Steve Slater! On the live stream, you can discuss with Steve & the hosts of the Inside Line F1 Podcast various race-related topics - strategies, performances, insights & more...


 2022-08-11  55m

episode 49: F1 Explained: Driver Silly Season (with Steve Slater)

What is the 'driver silly season' and why is it called that? The legendary Steve Slater joins us in this episode of the F1 Explained series to share his perspectives on 'Piasco' and other driver-contract stories over the years.

This is an episode you don't want to miss! Steve's stories include Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen and others...


 2022-08-18  25m

episode 50: Finally, a race at Spa? 2022 Belgian GP Preview

There's just so much to look forward to this weekend. For starters, a race at Spa? After last year's debacle, all it takes to worry fans & Formula 1 alike is a few drops of rain. Also, will drivers approve of the changes made to make the Spa Francorchamps safer? Let's hope that some of the iconic corner haven't lost their character.

Piasco (or Piasco-gate) will hog headlines in the build-up to the weekend...


 2022-08-24  34m

episode 51: Verstappen Tears-Off Everyone: 2022 Belgian GP Review

The 2022 Belgian Grand Prix will be remembered for Max Verstappen-Red Bull Racing's dominance; a race that Verstappen won from 14th place. However, there were lots of talking points from the race otherwise. 'Plan G', remember?

And also, Lewis Hamilton's refusal to visit the circuit medical centre after his opening lap incident with Fernando Alonso. Tune in to our 2022 Belgian GP review episode...


 2022-08-29  36m

episode 52: Real Party, Fake Gravel - 2022 Dutch GP Preview

It is without a doubt that 2022 Dutch Grand Prix will be a one-of-a-kind event - just as the 2021 edition was. The organisers clearly have made the Dutch Grand Prix a landmark event to attend - for on-track action & the off-track entertainment. 

And of course, we've got 'fake gravel' to look forward to this weekend!

Join our race watchalong sessions with the legendary British Formula 1 commentator Steve Slater (ex-Sky TV, ESPN, Star Sports)...


 2022-09-01  31m

episode 53: Double Dutch for Max Verstappen at Zandvoort - 2022 Dutch GP Review

Max Verstappen won at home...for the second year in succession. Red Bull Racing's strategy helped Verstappen claim his 10th win of the season and 4th win on the trot!

The race at Zandvoort was a high-speed game of chess & Red Bull Racing once again proved why they are most-lethal when it comes to race strategy...


 2022-09-05  40m

episode 54: Red Bull to finally conquer Monza? 2022 Italian GP Preview

Red Bull Racing haven't scored a single podium at Monza in the hybrid-turbo era. But we expect that to change this Sunday. Yes, it is tough to imagine someone other than Max Verstappen winning the 2022 Italian Grand front of the tifosi.

As for Ferrari, let's hope the dash of yellow in their special livery brings better performance & results. Mercedes has scored more points (average) than Ferrari since the 2022 Australian GP (basically, since race #3)...


 2022-09-08  32m

episode 55: Safety Car robbed Ferrari at Monza? 2022 Italian GP Review

In the build-up to the 2022 Italian GP & in our preview episode, we asked if Red Bull Racing would finally conquer Monza. They did; as did Max Verstappen.

But did the late-race Safety Car rob Ferrari & the tifosi of a possible race win at home in Monza? Could we see rule changes to prevent races ending under the Safety Car?

Join our race watchalong sessions with the legendary British Formula 1 commentator Steve Slater (ex-Sky TV, ESPN, Star Sports)...


 2022-09-12  34m

episode 56: Adrian Newey-Force India, Raymond-Gautam Singhania & More - The Inside Line (Episode 4)

Our 'Force India - Inside Line' series is back and this is episode #4.

Ravikant Sabnavis & Kunal Shah, former Force India F1 Team members, join Soumil Arora to share stories about Force India's interest in Adrian Newey, how Vijay Mallya came to own the team & more...


 2022-09-19  38m

episode 57: Singapore GP - The Inside Line (with Steve Slater)

After a three-week break, it's finally RACE WEEK. The Singapore Grand Prix returns to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix after a three year hiatus. Since three is the number in play, will this prove to be a lucky hunting ground for driver who races car #3 (Daniel Ricciardo, of course)?

Of course, there's a greater chance that driver who raced car #33 (Max Verstappen, remember?) till last year is the downright favourite...


 2022-09-26  40m