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Every week, Nick Bilton interviews the leading minds in tech, politics, and culture to find out what motivates them, how they make decisions, what keeps them up at night, where their ideas come from, who they look to for advice, and where they think their industry is going. Bilton brings you into the room where the world's most interesting and important decisions are made.

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Can We UnTrump America?

x`Over the past three years, Trump has become a pox on America, both at home and abroad, and changed politics forever. Daniel Pfeiffer, former Senior Advisor to President Obama, joins Nick to explain how we can "UnTrump America," how the Democrats have a slim, but possible, chance of winning in November, why beating Mitch McConnell might be more important than defeating Donald Trump, and how to roll back the disastrous judges that the Republicans have appointed over the past three years...



Is Parasite a Game-Changer for Hollywood?

Let’s talk Trump, Tinseltown, and Parasite! Franklin Leonard, creator of “The Black List,” joins Nick to discuss what effect (if any) Parasite will have on the movies and TV shows that will be created in Hollywood in the coming years, if the tech industry can truly disrupt the most broken creative business model in the world, and which Democratic candidate Tinseltown is backing to go up against Trump in the coming election. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Is the Democratic Party Dumber than Trump?

What brought Hope Hicks back into the fold? Why have Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg succeeded, while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have failed (so far)? And what on earth is happening with the Michael Avenatti trial and the sentencing of Roger Stone? Emily Jane Fox joins Nick to decode what happened this week in politics, crime and punishment, and why—as Nick puts it—the Democratic Party needs to get its s**t together. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Impeachment, Iowa, and the Week from Hell

Trump didn't get impeached! Iowa was a disaster! A virus is getting ready to destroy humanity! What's next? Bess Levin, a columnist for Vanity Fair, joins Nick to discuss why this week sucked so much, why the economy still hasn't gone into a Trump-induced recession, whether this is all part of Mike Bloomberg's master plan, and why Donald Trump Jr. not being hugged enough as a child means he’ll probably be president one day...



The Economic Armageddon Ravaging America

Is American retail about to go through its most apocalyptic change since the invention of Main Street, U.S.A...



Knives Out: The Democratic Primary Is About to Get Messy

It’s finally here! No, the impeachment—we’re talking about the Iowa Caucus...


 2020-01-24  54m

How to Survive America's Job Apocalypse

Are you about to lose your job to a robot? Adam Davidson, creator of NPR's "Planet Money," joins Nick to talk about his new book, "The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century," where he argues that capitalism isn't dead, a (coming) recession won't destroy America, and the world isn't in as terrible shape as we've all been led to believe—although, in order to survive the coming job apocalypse, you might need to become Amish...


 2020-01-17  1h3m

You Won't Believe What Trump Said About His Middle Name

Is the Iran skirmish over? Or is this the beginning of something bigger? Gabriel Sherman, special correspondent for Vanity Fair, joins Nick to explain how this all went down inside the Trump White House, why anti-immigration scribe Steven Miller still has a job, why Don Jr. will go on to run for office, but Ivanka won't, and—perhaps most importantly—what Donald J. Trump told a Republican pollster last week when asked what the "J" in his middle name stood for. Learn more about your ad choices...


 2020-01-10  49m

Will 2020 Kick Off the Gene-Editing Revolution?

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, the last decade saw the most dramatic technological change in centuries. Over the next ten years, the same thing will happen to science, healthcare, and space travel. D.A...


 2020-01-03  59m

How Jared Kushner and Kim Kardashian’s Pet Issue Could Shape 2020

Is the American prison system the most broken part of this country? Believe it or not, prison reform might be the one issue Republicans and Democrats can agree on. Scott Budnick, the producer behind The Hangover and Just Mercy, joins Nick to elucidate the many pitfalls of the U.S. incarceration system, why over 6 million Americans are under correctional supervision, why America is the only country that jails kids for life, and why we need to start giving people a second chance...


 2019-12-27  52m