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Every week, Nick Bilton interviews the leading minds in tech, politics, and culture to find out what motivates them, how they make decisions, what keeps them up at night, where their ideas come from, who they look to for advice, and where they think their industry is going. Bilton brings you into the room where the world's most interesting and important decisions are made.



      How to Beat Donald Trump at Twitter

      Tim Wu might be the most prescient person in tech: he invented the term “net neutrality,” and predicted the global dominance the Internet would have on society. He joins us this week to explain why Facebook is the most likely tech company to be regulated by the government, how Donald Trump used technology to hijack our attention (and how we’ll all reclaim it back), what happens now that net neutrality has been rolled back, and why everyone should spend at least one week alone in the deser...



      Forget the Dow, Trump Is About to Trigger Financial Armageddon

      Each week, the stock market reaches all-time highs, and Donald Trump takes all the credit. But is his insanity and destruction going to lead to a crash of biblical proportions, or possibly to a recession akin to 2008? My guest this week, William D. Cohan, a former banker-turned journalist, seems to think so. Hear him explain why Wall Street should be worried by the actions of the man they hate, and how everyday Americans are going to be affected.



      Even America's Top Expert on God Can't Explain Donald Trump

      For the past two decades, Reza Aslan has been studying religions from all over the globe, and talking to people who believe in one God, many Gods, or no God at all. He joins us this week to explain the origins of belief, why faith is ultimately a good thing for society, and how he got fired from CNN for calling Donald Trump a “piece of s**t.”

      (A spokesperson for CNN declined to comment on Aslan’s depiction of his dismissal.)



      This Podcast Will Scare You To Death (Seriously)

      Do Donald Trump's provocations of Kim Jong-Un have you scared? You might not be scared enough. Right now, U.S. generals are performing war games exploring how to retaliate in the event of a nuclear attack on American soil. Other government employees are evaluating what would happen if Russian hackers knocked out our power grids; others still are trying to stop ISIS from recruiting a new generation of suicide fighters on Twitter; meanwhile, the Navy Seals are...



      The Gwyneth Paltrow Industry

      Gwyneth Paltrow joins us to explain what acting has in common with running a company; why she doesn’t miss the movie business and won’t ever go back; how Goop (if all goes well) could go public one day; and how relieving (and shocking) it’s been to finally see some of the worst men in Hollywood finally fall.



      Can We Turn Texas Blue?

      After the Democratic wins in New Jersey and Virginia, this week, could Texas become increasingly blue in 2018?

      Jay Hulings, who is running to repressent the state’s 23rd congressional district, joins us to explain how The Lone Star state could become a blue state (or at least purple) next year, how people along the Rio Grande really feel about “The Wall,” and why, as a gun-loving Democrat, people like him could re-write the future of the left.



      Imagine Jared Kushner is Your Boss…

      Kyle Pope spent 18 months running the New York Observer under Jared Kusher. In that time, he was forced to contend with more problems than he had ever anticipated when he took the job. Jared's father (who Jared calls "daddy") allegedly wanted his son to order "hit pieces" on bankers he didn't like; Jared's mother complained about the decor in people's offices and tried to have a rug removed; and on one occasion, Kyle was forced to have a sit down with The Donald himself. Pope joins us...



      And Then There Were Four

      The past decade has seen the biggest disruption in American business in a hundred years — and its only just the beginning. Scott Galloway, author of the new book “The Four,” joins me to explain how Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, grew into such massive companies. He lays out which of them is the least likely to survive (ahem, Facebook), and why those that do (ahem, Amazon) may end up in a war with the U.S. governments over regulation.



      The End of Harveywood

      For 30 years, Harvey Weinstein bullied his way through Hollywood, sexually assaulting and harassing countless women. But how did he get away with it for so long?

      Krista Smith, who is been with Vanity Fair for two decades covering Hollywood, explains why the worst man in the industry took so long to fall, and how this may be the moment that finally changes the industry’s misogyny.



      Decoding Trump's Lies

      When Tim O’Brien wrote the book, "Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald," he noted that Trump wasn't actually a real billionaire. In response, Trump sued O’Brien, and after a salacious legal battle, lost.

      O'Brien joins us this week to share some of the craziest lies Trump has told people over the years, and to predict how the Trump administration will be remembered several decades from now.