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How to Think Like a Freak: Learn How to Make Smarter Decisions with the authors of "Freakonomics"

The books Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics have been worldwide sensations, selling tens of millions of copies. They have come to stand for challenging conventional wisdom using data rather than emotion. Questions they examine are typically: Which is ...


 2014-05-29  1h39m

Look West Not East: South America Will be the 21st Century's Superpower

Conventional wisdom tells us that a new star will rise in the East, and all eyes have been looking towards China or India as the 21st century’s new superpower. But remarkable as their recent economic growth may have been, the institutional frailty of b...


 2014-05-21  1h49m

The Allied Bombing of German Cities in World War Two Was Unjustifiable

No one doubts the bravery of the thousands of men who flew and died in Bomber Command. The death rate was an appalling 44%. And yet until the opening of a monument in Green Park this year they have received no official recognition, with many historians...


 2014-05-12  1h37m

Calm Down Dears: State Snooping Is A Price Worth Paying For Our Security

So now we know: our spooks and their spooks are hoovering up and exchanging massive amounts of data on our private lives: not just whom we phone and email but the actual content of our communications; not just which websites we visit but what we choose...


 2014-05-07  1h43m

Western Parents Don't Know How to Bring Up Their Children

Why are there so many Chinese maths and music prodigies? Because Chinese mothers believe schoolwork and music practice come first, that an A-minus is a bad grade, that sleepovers, TV and computer games should never be allowed and that the only activity...


 2014-05-01  1h39m

The Making Of The Modern Middle East: Lawrence of Arabia and King Faisal I

How much blame for the current troubles in the Middle East lies with the decisions made by the West in 1919 – when the Ottoman Empire was carved up arbitrarily into the modern states we know today? Is it true that Arab society has tended to define itse...


 2014-04-24  1h38m

Britain Should Not Have Fought In The First World War

As we approach the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, books, television documentaries and articles on the subject abound. So do different opinions, especially as to whether Britain’s engagement was worth it. Was it a vitally important c...


 2014-04-17  1h50m

Stephen Fry and Friends on the Life, Loves and Hates of Christopher Hitchens

In this historic event, Stephen Fry and other friends of Christopher Hitchens came together to celebrate the life and work of this great writer, polemicist and orator. Fry was joined on stage in London by Richard Dawkins where the two discussed Hitche...


 2014-04-11  56m

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Cannot Rock the Boardroom

Is it a myth that women can have it all, all of the time? Or do the rising numbers of female executives in Hong Kong and around the world suggest otherwise? Does the glass ceiling exist as a barrier to the boardroom, or is the only limitation to a woma...


 2014-04-03  56m

The Best Chance For Peace In Israel And Palestine Is For Uncle Sam To Butt Out

Is it surprising that the Israelis and Palestinians are still unable to come to some sort of agreement? After all if the adjudicator in a mediation is firmly on your side why bother to concede anything to the enemy? Conversely, why accept anything prop...


 2014-03-27  1h58m