Internet History Podcast

A history of the Internet Era from Netscape to the iPad. Oral histories from the people that made the technology happen. "Chapter" episodes providing background on the history of the companies.



      168. The History of Java With Todd Sundsted

      People have been yelling at me for years that I’ve not covered more technical aspects of the web’s history, especially things like Java. Specifically Java. The argument can be made that Java helped the web evolve into what it’s become. So, that’s why I was thrilled to sit down with Todd Sundsted, who is a developer who has been working with Java for more than 20 years. Todd walks us through the history of Java and why it is so important to the web’s general evolution.



      167. NYTimes Tech Columnist, Farhad Manjoo @fmanjoo

      Today, a man who needs no introduction: New York Times Technology Columnist Farhad Manjoo. This episode was recorded about two months or so ago, so we talk about the book leave Farhad is on that he only recently made public, but of course, we get into his whole career and his unique vantage point and views on the world of tech.



      166. Amazon, Hulu and Oculus with Eugene Wei

      No joke, this is one of my favorite episodes we've ever done. Eugene Wei was an early employee at Hulu, so we get some details on that company for the first time, and he also worked at Flipboard and Oculus, so we get some important context especially on the future of VR and the like. But the most fascinating stories you'll hear will be about Amazon, where Eugene was the first analyst in the strategic planning department. As you'll hear, Eugene had a unique perspective on Amazon's early


       2018-03-17  1h13m

      Emergency Podcast Announcement- Techmeme Ride Home Podcast

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      165. Claire L. Evans, Author of Broad Band- The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet

      Claire Evans is the author of the new book: Broad Band The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet. This is the best tech history book I’ve read in a while and you know I read them all. Of special note, considering our 90s-heavy focus on this podcast, the book includes the stories of, which was a competitor to (which we’ve previously covered) and which was a competitor to Ivillage (which, again, we’ve spoke at length about).


       2018-03-04  1h7m

      164. How the Web Came to Germany, With Thomas Ganter

      Listener Thomas Ganter gives us a first person, anecdotal account of how the web came to Germany in the 1990s.


       2018-02-19  52m

      163. The History of Online Video with JibJab's Gregg Spiridellis

      Gregg Spiridellis has been making things go viral on the web since before the term VIRAL was even a thing. His company, JibJab has been producing web videos since the dialup dotcom era, producing hits you might remember such as Elf Yourself, Nasty Santa and This Land Is Your Land. JibJab has survived the dotcom bust, the coming of broadband, the coming of YouTube, the coming of social media and the mobile internet.


       2018-02-05  1h4m

      162. Venrock's David Pakman on Apple's Music Group, N2K, eMusic and Dollar Shave Club

      David Pakman is a well respected venture capitalist at Venrock, but also a lifelong musician and music fan. Earlier in his career he played a significant role in bringing music to the web. David tells us about cofounding Apple’s Music Group, his role in facilitating the first digital sales of music online at dotcom-era companies N2K and MyPlay, and competing directly against iTunes when he was at eMusic. As a bonus, he gives us some background on the more recent founding story of Dollar S...


       2018-01-21  41m

      161. Jeff Bussgang on Open Market and early eCommerce

      It gets my goat that these days, the history of ecommerce begins and ends with Amazon. There were so many companies and big ideas that got us where we are today, and one of the most important companies was Open Market. Jeff Bussgang is here to tell us the (today) often overlooked story of the earliest days of trying to sell stuff on the web. Today, Jeff is a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners.


       2018-01-08  39m

      160. Growing Up With The Web With Desiree Garcia @thedezzie

      An exploration of what it was like to come of age in the early web era.


       2017-12-18  46m