Internet History Podcast

A history of the Internet Era from Netscape to the iPad. Oral histories from the people that made the technology happen. "Chapter" episodes providing background on the history of the companies.

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GV's Ken Norton

Ken Norton is a partner at GV, Alphabets venture capital arm, but before that, he was a product manager at Google, where he led the development of products like Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Mobile Maps. But he was also early at JotSpot...


 2018-11-25  1h19m

Selling the First Facebook Ads, With Matt Britton

Matt Britton not only sold the first ads to and for Facebook, way back in 2004, he gives us a really insightful and, frankly, unbiased look at what Facebook was like as a company in its very earliest days.


 2018-11-11  28m

Emergency Podcast Announcement

Emergency Podcast Announcement


 2018-11-02  1m

182. Google's Matt Cutts @mattcutts

I figure most of you should know who Matt Cutts is, but if you don't, let's just leave it at this: he's about to give you the best, most behind-the-scenes oral history of early Google we've gotten so far on this podcast. He was the head of Google's...


 2018-10-28  1h1m

(Ch. 7.5) The Story of craigslist

SUMMARY: The history of Craig Newmark, craigslist and other odds and ends that didn’t make the book!


 2018-10-14  22m

Part 2 With John McCrea

Simple enough: Part 2 with John McCrea. More on SGI, more on doing battle with Microsoft in the 90s. And... interesting stuff on VR and the future...


 2018-09-30  1h31m

On Silicon Graphics with John McCrea (Pt. 1)

John McCrea is a Zelig-like personality who pops up in so many of the narratives we've already covered: Apple. Netscape. Doing battle with Microsoft. This is part one, mostly about Silicon Graphics, a company I had been thinking about...


 2018-09-17  1h11m

On Google's 20th Birthday - The History of Google

On Google's 20th Birthday (September 4th) a re-cutting and re-airing of my comprehensive history of Google, from it's inception through its IPO. Happy Birthday, Google!


 2018-09-02  1h35m

177. with Fraser Van Asch was not only a very early experiment in bringing journalism to the web, it was also one of those local ISP's that flowered in the era of the early 1990s. Fraser Von Asch was not only one of the key players at The News & Observer (thus,...


 2018-08-19  37m

The Epic Fail of Digg V.4 With Will Larson

This story has gone down in Silicon Valley lore as the ultimate cautionary tale. Digg was the earliest high flying startup in early social media. But then, other startups like Facebook and Twitter started to steal the limelight. So Digg tried to keep up by launching the infamous Digg version 4. And… it’s a disaster. Users hate it. So much so, that many people feel that the reason Reddit is Reddit today is because the Digg community fled there en-masse...


 2018-08-06  49m