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Myths | Legends | History A podcast dedicated to all things Lost, Unexplained and Straight Up Strange. From ancient lost cities to paranormal phenomena and legendary creatures, Into the Portal is your gateway to the bizarre. Join Hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay as they approach topics you have never heard before, taking an in depth look through an alternate lens… To the other side of the portal.

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episode 13: The Great Lakes Triangle Part I: Shipwrecks

There are places in our world where ships may venture and never return, where inexplicable events take place and where those who vanish are often lost forever…

When it comes to the disappearance of ships and airplanes most people think of the Bermuda Triangle as the world's most renowned underwater graveyard...


 2018-05-07  1h42m

episode 12: Legends of the Great White North

The World is a bizarre place and Canada is no exception. Each Province and the communities within them, large and small, hold unique and frightening tales that have become a part of the land, buildings and people that have experienced phenomena some of us can only claim to have seen in our dreams...


 2018-04-29  1h32m

episode 11: Rock Gate: The Legend of Ed Leedskalnin

Rock Gate: known to most as Coral Castle, this momentous stone garden in Florida has been referred to as the Stonehenge of the 21st century. Built by one man, Ed Leedskalnin, Rock Gate represents one of the most remarkable engineering feats achieved by a single individual - whose work was performed entirely in secret.

So the legend goes, Ed Leedskalnin claimed to know the secrets of the Egyptians and had harnessed a form of anti-gravity magnetism to lift immense blocks of limestone...


 2018-04-23  2h8m

episode 10: The People With No Fire

North Sentinel, the smallest inhabited island within the Andaman range in the Bay of Bengal and home to a bizarre and curious peoples: the Sentinelese. These people, whose population numbers are unknown, have managed to remain isolated for over 60,000 years. When attempts to contact them have taken place… the result is never favourable for the intruders...


 2018-04-16  1h15m

episode 9: Unknown Siberia: Secrets of the Depths

Many have heard of Siberia, but few can claim to know the many historic secrets and unexplained phenomena that are home to this vast hostile landscape…

From ghost armies that are known charge across the frozen waters until disappearing suddenly into the fog, to the many sightings of UFO's and USO's - Unidentified Submersible Objects - that soar from the depths across star strewn skies in dazzling displays of light, the areas of Lake Baikal and Lake Issyk-Kul have become well known for...


 2018-04-09  1h24m

episode 8: Thunderbirds - Giants of the Sky

Thunderbirds: For years, giant birds unknown to science have been reported all over North America and beyond. Indigenous mythologies tell of creatures large enough to attack and carry off whales, while in the Middle East and North Africa legendary birds were said to attack small elephants. Modern day sightings describe dark coloured creatures with raptor like features and wingspans large enough to carry away children...


 2018-04-01  1h52m

episode 7: Mysteries of Voodoo

The word Voodoo conjures up all sorts of dark imagery in the minds of most people today. Dolls with needles strategically stabbed through them, wicked curses beset on unlucky victims and zombification are all common tropes perpetuated by Hollywood and popular culture. Despite this… Voodoo is indeed one of the worlds most mysterious religions, shrouded in a dark historical past of slavery and violent political transitions...


 2018-03-26  1h27m

episode 6: Curse of The Doppelgänger

A harbinger of death bearing one’s own countenance. The phenomenon commonly referred to as the Doppelganger, or double-goer, appears in human history from ancient times to present day. Encountering one’s own double is documented by many prominent people throughout history: Catherine the Great of Russia, Queen Elizabeth I, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Abraham Lincoln all claimed to have seen their own Doppelgangers with tragedy soon befalling them...


 2018-03-19  1h26m

Mongolian Death Worms

Deep in the heart of the Gobi Desert lies a creature known as The Mongolian Death Worm. Nomads have reported sightings and encounters for centuries with this deadly cryptid that can kill its victims by both spitting venom.. and electric shock. Join us on Into The Portal Episode V as we search for this elusive monster that lurks beneath the sands...


 2018-03-12  1h24m

The Search For Zerzura Part II

In Part Two of Episode IV: The Search For Zerzura, hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay recap Part One, the discrepancies in possible locations as well as the origins of the inhabitants of the mythical city known as Zerzura. Ranging from ancient Neolithic cultures, nomadic Tibu Tribes, Medieval Maghrebis, lost crusaders and more, we dive into a quagmire of possibilities and come up with some fun theories of our own along the way! Join us as we peer Into the Portal, your gateway to the bizarre...


 2018-03-08  1h38m