Into The Weird: A Marvel Bronze Age Comic Book Podcast

Explore the Madness of Bronze Age Marvel Comics with hosts Herman Louw and Billy D_licious! Here we focus on the really bizarre, such as the trippy Doctor Strange comic books of the 1970s, with zany characters like Morbius, Man-Thing, Howard The Duck, and Ghost Rider, among others. So join us for a comic-filled jaunt... INTO THE WEIRD. We also offer the additional shows Dragons & Jive, House of Licensed Ideas, and Radio Free Hyboria on Patreon at Let weirdness reign!

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episode 39: Episode 39: Operation Götterdämmerung

Greetings, Weird Ones! Billy and Herman are back to wrap up War Comics Month with two issues of Marvel's The INVADERS, specifically #32 and #33 from 1978. Join the Into The Weird Crew as we team up with Namor, Cap, and the OG Human Torch to take down Hitler's newest bosom buddy - The Mighty THOR?? THAT, plus a guest appearance you wouldn't believe!

Our Shoptalk segment, Recommendations of Raggador, and our Allies of Aggamoto return to the show...



episode 38: Episode 38: Mad Mordo II - The Dream WORRIER

Welcome back, weirdos! Billy and Herman are at it again with our Bronze Age DOCTOR STRANGE coverage. This time around we look at Issues #11 and 12 of Volume 2 from 1975. ETERNITY makes the first move in his cosmic chess game against the Sorcerer Supreme, but that ain't the half of it! There's also... Stephen VS NIXON?? That's right! Tune in, and enjoy the lunacy.

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Halloween Special 2021 - A Return to Vampire Tales

Happy Halloween, Weirdos! Billy and Herman are back and, true to form, offer you an annual Into The Weird tradition, namely talking some VAMPIRE TALES. This time around we pick apart issue 7 in which Morbius and Amanda Saint are once again plagued by the evil cult Demon-Fire. Not only is the main story tantalizing, but the three backup tales found within are all stand-alone spine-tinglers that are guaranteed to satisfy your bloodthirsty needs during this spooky season...


 2021-10-29  2h7m

episode 37: Episode 37: Monster Party

Herman and Billy are back with another Halloween-themed show for Shocktober 2021. This time around they discuss MARVEL TEAM-UP Vol.1 #36 and 37. It has everything but the kitchen sink. Man-Wolf! The Frankenstein Monster! A Mad-Scientist! A Secret Agent! Ravenous Wolves! Sinister Bond Villains on skis! And last but never least... your friendly neighborhood webhead! Things get (need we say it) WEIRD...


 2021-10-18  1h50m

episode 36: Episode 36: Mad Mordo

Billy and Herm are back with another Doctor Strange-centric episode. This week we cover issues 9 and 10 of DOCTOR STRANGE Vol. 2 from the early 1970s. It's Stephen VS Dormammu VS Umar VS Orini VS Nightmare VS Baron Mordo VS Eternity. It goes without saying that this episode kicks things into 12th gear!

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 2021-09-30  1h49m

Episode 35: Who Watches The Watcher?

Into the Weird is back! At long last, this episode answers the much anticipated question: WHAT IF our hosts Billy D and Herman tackled the Marvel comic WHAT IF?

But that's not all!

Along with the main discussion we feature our SHOPTALK, RECOMMENDATIONS OF RAGADDORR, and our ALLIES OF AGGAMOTO segments. All that AND we ascribe one of our Patreon supporters on with a Marvel Bronze Age Super-monicker and origin story. A HUGE shoutout to Mr...


 2021-09-17  2h14m

Episode 34: Daddy Issues

It's time to get weird once again with Herman and Billy as we continue our coverage of DOCTOR STRANGE Vol. 2 issues 7-8. Join us for a SPELL as we discuss the plight of Mother Earth at the hands of the lascivious DORMAMMU...


 2021-08-31  1h30m

episode 33: Episode 33: The Fair and the Fowl

On this episode - Billy and Herman finally talk Howard The Duck! Join us for a discussion filled with FOWL language as we look at Howard The Duck Vol. 1 issues 6 and 7 by none other than Steve Gerber and Gene Colan.

Our Recommendations of Raggador return, as well as our Allies of Aggamoto segment, where we give a shout-out to Gary Arkell, our newest Patreon subscriber. We also promote our new unofficial pop culture partner TWISTED PULP, the Magazine of the Weird...


 2021-08-01  1h53m

episode 32: Episode 32: Mystic Trivia

Herman and Billy are back to assault your eardrums with some strange ramblings, kooky comics (Doc Strange Vol.2 #6), inane jokes, and a brand new segment to boot. That's right, weirdos. Welcome to our Mystical Jeopardy Extravaganza! (Suck it, Trebek)

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 2021-07-14  1h48m

episode 31: Episode 31: Even A Demiurge Has Urges

Herman and Billy are back with another WEIRD offering to satiate the gods of strangeness. This time around we discuss THE MIGHTY THOR Annual #10 (1982), in which we witness an act of immaculate conception... and BOY do we wish we hadn't.

Our Allies of Agamotto and Recommendations of Ragaddor return, and we also give thanks to our two new Patrons RYAN DALY and BRIAN HANSON. Thanks for supporting us on Patreon, guys...


 2021-06-25  2h4m