Into The Weird: A Marvel Bronze Age Comic Book Podcast

Explore the Madness of Bronze Age Marvel Comics with hosts Herman Louw and Billy D_licious! Here we focus on the really bizarre, such as the trippy Doctor Strange comic books of the 1970s, with zany characters like Morbius, Man-Thing, Howard The Duck, and Ghost Rider, among others. So join us for a comic-filled jaunt... INTO THE WEIRD. We also offer the additional shows Dragons & Jive, House of Licensed Ideas, and Radio Free Hyboria on Patreon at Let weirdness reign!

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Into The Weird Episode 19: Revenge Of The Fawn

This week Billy and Herman tackle the most unorthodox and madcap Superhero team of the Marvel Bronze Age - The dynamic DEFENDERS. The storyline in question is particularly off-centre, as it involves hefty amounts of BODY HORROR and BRAIN-SWAPPING. And if that wasn't enough, an enraged BAMBI is thrown into the mix, just for laughs. Plus, The Elf with a Gun makes a return.

Due to this oversized episode only TWO segments are featured:

1. Main Segment



 2020-05-01  2h26m

Into The Weird Ep.18: Cosmic Obscenity & Cranial Combat

It's Doctor Strange VS Shuma-Gorath in Marvel Premiere #10. Get ready for a mind melting bout of mayhem, listeners! This is the BIG ONE!!

Other than the incredibly disturbing and cognitive dissonance-inducing main segment, our ShopTalk and Recommendations of Raggador Segments all make a return.

Please send any and all feedback to, and feel free to check out the blog at  , where a podcast addendum post can be found...


 2020-04-01  1h55m

Into The Weird Ep.17: Nazistein

This week Billy and Herman take a look at THE INVADERS, featuring the Golden Age Marvel Heroes from the Timely Comics era, specifically INVADERS #31 (Aug. 1978). Basically, NAZIS DIE. So a good time is had by all. Except for the Nazis. They thought it sucked.

We also ascribe a Bronze Age Alter Ego to Ryan Daly aka Count Drunkula, who left us a 5 star iTunes review. Thanks, Ryan. You rock!


Into The Weird is on Patreon. You can find us there at https://www.patreon...


 2020-03-04  1h30m

Into The Weird Ep.16: Terracide!

Hey there folks!

Billy and Herman are back with another episode of INTO THE WEIRD, the podcast that breaks the barriers of the bizarre and wades gleefully into the depths of insanity. This time around we're discussing Marvel Premiere #9 (1973) where Stephen fights for the life of the Ancient One! This one's a corker, to be sure.

Our regular segments all make a return. Look out for:

1. Shoptalk!

2. The Recommendations of Raggador



 2020-02-27  2h0m

Into The Weird Ep. 15: The Wicked and The Weird Revived!

Billy and Herman are back after a lengthy break to once again arrest your imaginations and take you for a jaunt INTO THE WEIRD. By popular demand our WICKED AND THE WEIRD episode (Ep...


 2020-01-18  2h38m

Halloween Special 2019: Vampires Galore!

Happy Halloween, fearful ones!

For our Halloween Special this year Billy and Herman have deigned to hijack your ears with a gargantuan 4 hour marathon of horror comics. Because of the sheer length of this endeavor, we've had to separate the episode into two chapters. They are as follows:

CHAPTER 1: ToD meets LoD - Ryan Daly from 'Midnight... The Podcasting Hour' and the Fire & Water Network of Podcasts joins Herman for a discussion of Marvel's TOMB OF DRACULA #12-14...


 2019-10-29  4h9m

Into The Weird Ep. 14: Mamuwalde Got Nothing on Me

Billy and Herman are back with another fear-fest as we ramp up our Halloween coverage, featuring TWO mighty Marvel Bronze Age Horror Comics - SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS #5 (1973) and DEAD OF NIGHT#11 (1975). These issues feature the introduction of two frightening characters to the Marvel Horror Pantheon. Don't miss it!

All our regular segments return, including our NEXUS OF ALL REVIEWS, where we assign a Bronze Age Super ALTER EGO to one of our listeners...


 2019-10-25  2h26m

Into The Weird Ep. 13: Doom Blooms & Puffy Sleeves

Welcome back to INTO THE WEIRD, the podcast that revels in the good, the bad and the weird. This week Herman and Billy tackle more Doctor Strange goodness with Marvel Premiere #7 and 8, where Stephen wades through yet another host of Lovecraftian foes. Our regular segments all make an appearance. So join us as we fall head over heels for Clea and a girl named Blondine... and then tumble madly... into the weird.

INTRO MUSIC by the great band SEVEN KINGDOMS...


 2019-10-07  2h7m

Into The Weird Ep. 12: Radio Free Hyboria

By Crom, Mitra, and the slimy scales of Set! It's another episode of INTO THE WEIRD, the show chronicling the mighty-thewed madness of Bronze Age Marvel Comics.


This week Billy and Herman sharpen their broadswords and quaff their ale while simultaneously discussing Marvel's CONAN THE BARBARIAN #45 and KULL THE CONQUEROR #8...


 2019-09-22  1h51m

Into The Weird Ep. 11: The Wicked and the Weird

This week Billy and Herman offer up a List-O-Mania episode, where we count down our Top 5 most bizarre Bronze Age Villains. The rest of our regular segments are on hold this week because of time constraints during August, when vacations lured us away from our mics. But never fear! We're back and ready to launch into September. So join us for another madcap journey...into the WEIRD.

The Podcast addendum for this show can be found at https://sinkintotheweird...


 2019-09-02  1h30m