Intuitive Life and Business Sparks - reconnect to your intuition with Dr. Barbara Bryce

Intuitive life and business sparks is your podcast to reconnect to your intuition to use it in your daily life and business, to have a life full of health, wealth and deep connection. Dr. Barbara Bryce is an a intuitive life and business coach, a veterinarian, a mother of three kids and intuitive, as you are too. She invites you to reconnect to your intuition to follow your heart's desire to lead a life with all your senses to the fullest with abundance, gratitude, health and an open heart. In this podcast you are invited on a journey to this life, to your essence, to learn to listen to this sometimes very quiet voice inside yourself and learn to grow from there. Your mind is very strong and can manifest, but if you learn to use both your heart and your intellect you will realize, how much more there is waiting for you in your life. This podcast is a platform to share, to be unapologetically honest and to have real, raw, wild conversations. It is not about light and love only, this is not the concept of life, but about real life challenges and about how to deal with them on a daily basis. Let’s face and embrace all parts of ourselves, the light and the shadow...

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episode 11: Self Love

Self love is often mixed up with self care. This has been beautifully explained in Kathrin Zenkina @manifestationbabe podcast interview with Paul Fishman @paulfishman. Self love is not a switch which you can turn on or off with a click, self love is a...


 2020-02-17  10m

episode 10: Joy of life

An invitation to go and explore your own joy of life. ---------------------------------- More information on my website   Follow me on social media - - -  


 2020-02-10  8m

episode 9: Wild times - how to stay on board and ride the waves

2020 is a magic year. What cannot be underestimated is the high vibration coming with this magic year. And still challenges are appearing more frequently in this higher frequence and the title already indicates it: the times are wild. So how do you...


 2020-02-03  12m


A short episode on finding your clarity in the midst of the chaos and the high vibes around you.   DEEP SLEEP PACKAGE -->   ---------------------------------- More information on my website   Follow me on social media - - -


 2020-01-27  5m

episode 7: deep sleep

In this episode you will learn, why deep sleep is so important. And how you can improve your sleep in order to refill your energy. You will get 6 easy tips on how to improve your sleep and connect with your dreams. If you want more tools and support,...


 2020-01-20  11m

episode 6: Magic Money

In this episode you will hear, why money is so important this year. 2020. And why still so many people are repelling money, instead of attracting it and why they are struggling with it. And you will learn to change this. Learn to attract money, not...


 2020-01-13  11m

episode 5: magic money manifestation 2020

How are your finances? I am sure you have read and heard of the law of attraction and money mindset. Well, the good news: the world is ready for you to manifest your money flow. So how does this happen? You can’t think yourself into abundance - it...


 2020-01-06  6m

episode 4: 2019 reflections and 2020 vibes

Isn’t it amazing to look back on 2019 and see how far you’ve come? In this episode, you will reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome and the massive growth and transformation you’ve experienced. 2019 was just the groundwork for something...


 2019-12-30  14m

episode 3: Why Intuition and Business

You’re probably all too familiar with the concept of hustle and grind. It appears the only way to be successful is to work hard and to take massive action. But the mindset around working and success is shifting.    In this podcast, you...


 2019-12-23  9m

episode 2: Your heart - 3 tools to reconnect

Every one of you has experienced some type of trauma causing you to build protective layers around our hearts. These layers might protect you from getting hurt again and from people getting too close to you but they also keep you from living your best...


 2019-12-23  10m