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Rethinking and reimagining your faith? That matters. You are not alone. Follow those questions, doubts, and curiosities with us on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Hosts Bonnie, Casey, Jeff, and Rajeev cultivate thoughtful conversations for the spiritual journeyer. Especially if you’re evolving out of Evangelicalism or Christian Fundamentalism, you are Irenicast.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 198 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 185: Beyond the Binary of Deconstruction and Reconstruction Part Three - Flying Through the Soup On a Treasure Hunt

In Beyond the Binary of Deconstruction and Reconstruction Part Three, the Irencast crew try desperately to come up with suitable metaphors for the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ stage in deconstruction.  Since each host had such different...



episode 184: Beyond the Binary of Deconstruction and Reconstruction Part Two - Becoming Less Dangerous

In Beyond the Binary of Deconstruction and Reconstruction Part Two, the discussion centers around the aftermath of waking up.  What do you do with the shame, regret and anger of living in a high control environment?  Each host shares their...



episode 183: Beyond the Binary of Deconstruction and Reconstruction Part One - Waking Up

Beyond the Binary of Deconstruction and Reconstruction Part One explores the first movement in someone’s journey toward change, waking up.  To lay the groundwork, not only for this episode but the episodes to come in this series, each host...


 2021-08-03  58m

episode 182: Since We’ve Been Gone

Since we’ve been gone a lot has happened in the world.  An election, an insurrection, a vaccine, a new president, and a whole lot of the same old crap in the world.  Things have also changed for the hosts of Irenicast.  A lot of...


 2021-07-20  38m

episode 181: What Does Christmas Mean to You? - The Great Birth Narrative Debate

What Does Christmas Mean to You? Join the hosts of Irenicast as they ponder the birth narrative, and the multiple ways that the story of Jesus' birth has been told and understood over the years.


 2020-12-15  1h11m

episode 180: Your Authentic Self - The Difficult Work of Becoming

Discovering your authentic self is something that can seem like a vague or cliche notion.  Is there a balance between authentic inner life and authentic communal life?  Where are the tensions?  What does it even mean to be your...


 2020-12-01  1h9m

episode 179: Changing God - A Way Out of Omni-imperial Theology

In response to a listener question about God’s immutability, all five co-hosts discuss a changing God. The conversation begins with the God of the bible before it turns toward the God of human experience. Co-hosts reflect on the groups that might...


 2020-11-17  1h0m

episode 178: Stages of Spiritual Development - Movement Over Evolution

The episode begins by framing some language around stages of spiritual development. Co-hosts take a trip down memory lane as they dig up developmental language from their former faith communities and from broader American culture.


 2020-11-03  1h18m

Awakening Compassion - Why Was It Ever Asleep?

All five co-hosts grab some tea, full of compassion for one another, to talk about awakening compassion. The conversation begins with definitions and connections to spirituality. Since everyone thinks compassion is a good thing, co-hosts wonder how we...


 2020-10-20  1h11m

episode 176: Abortion - Uteruses and Moral Agency

Casey and Bonnie have a heart to heart on the topic of abortion. They begin by sharing their experiences with abortion, planned parenthood, anti-choice protestors and sexuality education. Casey shares his mom’s story. Bonnie shares her own. Co-hosts...


 2020-10-05  52m