Irish Left Archive Podcast

A podcast looking at Left politics in Ireland from the Irish Left Archive. We talk to activists, writers, historians, politicians and others involved in Left organisations and movements about their experiences of participating in Left parties and campaigns; Left publications and political documents they’ve been involved in; and the history and development of progressive politics in Ireland. We also look at the role of the Irish Left Archive and similar informal projects. The podcast is hosted by Ciarán Swan and Aonghus Storey.

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episode 56: Jim Monaghan: LWR, Workers' League, Official Sinn Féin, People's Democracy, & the H-Block Armagh Committee

In this episode we talk to Jim Monaghan. Jim first became politically active as a student in the late 1960s in Dublin. We discuss the increasing politicisation in Ireland at that time, and Jim’s political activity, initially with Labour and Students for Democratic Action, the League for A Workers’ Republic, and briefly the LWR-breakaway, the League for a Workers Vanguard...



episode 55: Politics & Cultural Influence

Throughout 2023 we have asked podcast guests if there are any cultural artefacts or events that they consider particularly influential on their politics.

This episode brings together responses from historian Mary Muldowney, anarchist activist Gregor Kerr, Republican activist Des Dalton, author Michael Flavin, historian Brian Hanley, and Irish Anarchist Network activists Nestor and Saornil...


 December 31, 2023  22m

episode 54: David Costelloe: Military History and The Troubles

In this episode we’re joined by David Costelloe. Dave writes on history and politics on his website Never Felt Better, and in particular has written an extensive series of articles on Irish military history from the earliest records almost to the contemporary, Ireland’s Wars...


 November 30, 2023  1h13m

episode 53: A New Series and Project Update

An introduction to our next series of episodes and discussion of the Irish Left Archive project and changes we’ve made in the past year.

The discussion includes mention of trying to keep all aspects of the project open. As such, we’ve made the website and podcast statistics publicly accessible, as well as any source code used in the project.

  • Website statistics:
  • Podcast statistics: https://op3...


 October 31, 2023  28m

episode 52: Des Dalton: Republican Sinn Féin and Independent Republicanism

In this episode we talk to Des Dalton. Des is a long-term Republican activist who joined Republican Sinn Féin in the late 1980s and has served on the party’s Ard Comhairle and as party President from 2009 to 2018. Since leaving the party in 2021, Des has been an independent Republican activist...


 September 27, 2023  1h11m

episode 51: Dirty War in Dublin, with Brian Hanley

In this episode we talk to historian Brian Hanley about the new five-part documentary podcast, Dirty War in Dublin, written by Brian and produced by Kevin Brannigan. We discuss how the podcast came about and was developed, and look at the history of the Irish Civil War it covers and its wider context.

Listeners will be familiar with Brian’s work from previous episodes of our podcast...


 August 11, 2023  1h7m

episode 50: Emma Campbell: Art and Activism, Alliance for Choice, Array Collective and the Turner Prize

In this episode we talk to Emma Campbell. Emma is an artist, activist and researcher based in Belfast...


 July 3, 2023  1h24m

episode 49: Dublin Anarchist Bookfair, with Gregor Kerr

In this episode we talk to anarchist activist Gregor Kerr about the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair.

The bookfair was first held in 2006 and organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) and continued for a number of years. After a hiatus of a few years, the Irish Anarchist Network (IAN) and independent anarchists have come together to organise the fair for 2023, which will take place in the Teachers’ Club on Saturday 20th May...


 May 11, 2023  56m

episode 48: Mary Muldowney: Left History

In this episode we talk to Dublin City Council historian-in-residence Mary Muldowney about left approaches to history. Mary discusses her research and public dissemination of history; her advocacy of oral history and its particular utility in bringing out working class histories and history ‘from below’; attitudes to history in Irish academia and how they have changed; and some of the events of the left and trade union movements that merit greater analysis and recognition...


 April 29, 2023  1h7m

episode 47: Irish Anarchist Network

In this episode we speak to two members of the Irish Anarchist Network, Nestor and Saornil. The Irish Anarchist Network was formed in 2022 by a number of independent anarchists...


 March 16, 2023  1h31m