Iron Sharpens Iron Radio with Chris Arnzen

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” - Prov. 27:17 If you’re weary of the typical fluffy Christian radio broadcasts, you’ll find Iron Sharpens Iron addresses a multitude of topics from a distinctly Reformed Christian worldview. Chris Arnzen asks the right questions, presents guests who have the answers, and continually challenges Christians to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives.

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May 31, 2016 Show with Mark Michael Zima on “Mother Teresa: A Saint to be Revered or A False Teacher to be Exposed? A Legendary Figure to be ‘Canonized’ by Rome Under Scrutiny”

Theme: May 31, 2016: IRON SHARPENS IRON Radio’s 2-day critical examination of “MOTHER TERESA: A Saint to be Revered OR A False Teacher to be Exposed?: A Legendary Figure to be ‘Canonized’ by Rome Under Scrutiny” PART ONE of TWO: Guest MARK MICHAEL ZIMA...


 2016-09-05  1h59m

May 27, 2016 Show with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America PLUS Dr. John Wilsey on American Exceptionalism & Civil Religion: Reassessing the History of an Idea

Theme: May 27, 2016: LARRY PRATT (as seen on FOX News), Executive Director Emeritus of GUN OWNERS of AMERICA *PLUS* DR. JOHN D. WILSEY, Assistant Professor of History & Apologetics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville,


 2016-09-04  1h59m

October 2, 2015 Show with Decherd Stevens on “‘Conflict & Triumph’ by William Henry Green” PLUS Paul D. Wolfe on his book “My God is True!”

Theme: October 2nd, 2015: Guest #1: DECHERD STEVENS Pastor of Calvary Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC on: Conflict & Triumph by William HenryGreen Guest #2: PAUL D. WOLFE Associate Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church, Fairfax,


 2016-08-06  1h59m

October 1, 2015 Show with David Campbell on “Handle That New Call with Care: Accepting or Declining a Call to a New Congregation” AND Dr. Dennis Swanson to discuss “5 Mistakes Churches Make Looking For a Pastor & 5 Mistakes Pastors Make Looking For a Chur

Theme: October 1st, 2015: Guest #1: DAVID CAMPBELL pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA, on his book: HANDLE THAT NEW CALL with CARE: Accepting or Declining a Call to a New Congregation Guest #2: DENNIS SWANSON Former President of The Master’...


 2016-08-05  1h59m

April 22, 2016 Show with Norman Horn on “Christian Libertarianism”

Theme: April 22nd. 2016: DR. NORMAN HORN, of the Libertarian Christian Institute, Founder and Editor of, and the main organizer of the Christians for Liberty Conference. on “CHRISTIAN LIBERTARIANISM” Subscribe: iTunes  TuneIn ...


 2016-08-04  1h59m

April 20, 2016 Show with Phil Johnson on “Mormons: Our Brothers or a Mission Field?”

Theme: April 20th, 2016: PHIL JOHNSON, Executive Director of GRACE TO YOU, the radio, TV & publishing ministry of JOHN MacARTHUR, on “MORMONS: OUR BROTHERS or a MISSION FIELD?” Subscribe: iTunes  TuneIn Android RSS Feed Listen:


 2016-08-03  1h59m

April 19, 2016 Show with Tom Ascol on “Bringing Maturity to Young, Restless, and Reformed”

Theme: April 19th, 2016: TOM ASCOL, Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, FL and Executive Director of Founders Ministries to discuss “Bringing MATURITY to YOUNG, RESTLESS & REFORMED” Subscribe: iTunes  TuneIn Android RSS Feed Listen:


 2016-08-02  1h59m

April 18, 2016 Show with E. Calvin Beisner on “Earth Day & the Worship of the Creature Rather Than the Creator”

Theme: April 18th, 2016: E. CALVIN BEISNER Founder & National Spokesman for The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation to discuss “EARTH DAY & the WORSHIP of the CREATURE Rather than the CREATOR” Subscribe: iTunes  TuneIn Android RSS Feed Li...


 2016-08-01  1h59m

April 15, 2016 Show with John Cardwell on “To Be a Pilgrim: A Modern Christian Allegory Inspired by John Bunyan’s ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress'”

Theme: April 15th, 2016: JOHN CARDWELL, Pastor at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, AL, author of “To Be A Pilgrim”, “A Pilgrim Family Devotional”, “A Puritan Family Devotional”, “A Puritan Bible Primer”, “Christ and Him Crucified”, “Lord,


 2016-07-30  1h59m

April 13, 2016 Show with Dr. Ron Gleason on “Suicide: A Christian’s Response” PLUS Mike Gaydosh on “What’s Hot Off the Press in Christian Literature”

Theme: April 13th. 2016: Author/Pastor RON GLEASON, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), Yorba Linda, CA, on the topic “Suicide: A Christian’s Response” PLUS MICHAEL GAYDOSH, Founder of SOLID GROUND CHRISTIAN BOOKS  to discuss “What’s Hot Off the...


 2016-07-29  1h59m