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Some real world sysadmins give you the news, and chat about sysadminning in the industry.

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Episode 108A - What's a Xenophage?

Welcome to Episode 108a Main Topic What’s a Xenophage? How much geekery was there before you were getting paid for it? Heathkit Hero 2000   Epic Megagames     Career       Watch us live on the 2nd and 4th...



Episode 108B - Radio from space, LAPD, a little politics, and Germany's hypocracy

Welcome to Episode 108b Announcements Patreon Update name_pending197 Jérémy Arinomi Andrew Tatro Bruce Robert Matt David S0l3mn Trooper_Ish   LinuXsys666 gimpyb   Mark DeMentor Jon Marc Julius   Andi J  ...



Episode 107b - Onlyfans, vaccines, samsung photos, and razr admin privs

Welcome to Episode 107b Announcements Patreon Update Jérémy Arinomi Andrew Tatro Bruce Robert Matt David S0l3mn Trooper_Ish LinuXsys666 gimpyb Mark DeMentor Jon Marc Julius Andi J Charles 22532 Get your Iron Sysadmin Merch at Teespring!  ...



Episode 107A - Defcon 29!

Welcome to Episode 107a Main Topic Defcon with Jscar & Skyria Hybrid this year 9K on site ( Pre-Covid it’s around 30k) What is DEFCON? What is there to do at DEFCON? Talks/Presentations Villages Contests Networking Badges Stickers/challenge...



Episode 106 - Side Jobs

Welcome to Episode 106 Main Topic Side Work/Jobs You have a skill, why not use it to make some extra money?  Single-tasks Part-time jobs Self-owned business Is it ethical? Does it matter what my Employer thinks about it? Things to...


 2021-08-13  2h3m

Episode 105 - Printing with PaperCut

Welcome to Episode 105 Main Topic Josh with papercut Who is Josh?  Josh’s blog about AR and VR and the future:   Tell us about PaperCut, who is PaperCut? What does PaperCut sell? And the Papercut application What is it?...


 2021-07-23  2h8m

EP104 - The Ballad of Unclemarc

Welcome to Episode 104 Main Topic The ballad of Unclemarc Marc’s actual first computer Apple II Marc’s first _actual_ computer Rutgers graduate  Nordock: Tribute to my Uncle:    Announcements Patreon Update $108/...


 2021-06-25  2h10m

Iron Sysadmin EP103 - Nate's Back Story

Welcome to Episode 103 Main Topic Getting into IT series: Nate What is Nate’s story, How did he get into computers? How did that lead into IT?  What path has his career taken? Links   It’s kinda russian now... ...


 2021-06-11  2h13m

Episode 102 With Rich Bowen @centos

Welcome to Episode #102 Main Topic Rich Bowen - CentOS Community Manager Who is Rich?    What is a community manager? Centahs, mentos, or Cent O S? So.. CentOS Stream then..  Really, what’s the fuss about? Is CentOS Stream...


 2021-05-28  1h35m

Episode 101 - Ransomware

Welcome to Episode 101! Main Topic Ransomware    How can you help prevent it? What can you do once you’ve been hit? Announcements Patreon Update - 21 patrons at $104/mo Arinomi Andrew Tatro rootisgod Bruce Robert Matt David...


 2021-05-14  2h9m