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Episode 77 - It's all about you

Welcome to Episode 77 YouTube Link: Main Topic Uh…  Announcements Patreon Update 22532 Andi Charles DeMentor PowerShellOnLinux.com gimpyb J Jason B Jon Julius Marc  Mark  Ryan  Red Hat Summit Update Summit Virtual Event...



Episode 76 - Coronageddon

Welcome to Episode 76 YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/Dpj5y0GQUuU Main Topic Disaster Response, Forced work from home. WidgetCo Inc. 400 employees Most employees are on-site workers Mix of Desktops and Laptops 160 (40%) Laptops, the rest are...



Episode 75 - All Gas, No Brakes

Welcome to Episode 75 Main Topic YouTube URL:   Andi and Marc from the Red Hat Accelerators Introductions Who are Andi and Marc? What is their quest? What is Andi’s favorite color? Blue? NO RED!  What are the Red Hat...


 2020-02-28  1h57m

EP74 - Automatica

Welcome to Episode 74 Youtube Link:     Main Topic Automation     40% believe automation reduces human error 50% believe automation will make jobs more complex 54% think automation will never replace human intuition and...


 2020-02-14  1h49m

Episode 73 - Hosting from home, colo, or cloud

Welcome to Episode 73   Main Topic Self hosting, vs cloud hosting, vs colo hosting Control Home: full control Colo: less control but still high IaaS: You’ve lost some control, but you still retain some. Decent trade off. SaaS:  little...


 2020-01-24  2h5m

Episode 72 - Powershell on Linux

Welcome to Episode 72 Main Topic Powershell on linux Announcements Patreon Update The usual patrons. WOPR Summit March 27-29 Holiday Inn Express, Fort Washington, PA https://www.woprsummit.org/ Reviews We have not received an iTunes review...


 2020-01-10  1h48m

Episode 71 - Holiday Hack with the Elf Himself!

Welcome to Episode 71 Main Topic Ed Skoudis! Holiday Hack!  https://www.holidayhackchallenge.com  Announcements Patreon Update 22532 Andi Charles DeMentor J Jon Julius Unclemarc DC610 - 1/8/2020 Moar ATM Shenanigans! WOPR Summit -...


 2019-12-13  1h45m

Episode 70 - Backdoors and Breaches

Welcome to Episode 70 Main Topic Backdoors & Breaches! With BHIS!  Jason Blanchard, Content Community Director - BHIS @banjocrashland www.backdoorsandbreaches.com  https://www.blackhillsinfosec.com/  Announcements Patreon...


 2019-11-15  1h15m

Episode 69 - Starting (and stopping) Jobs

Welcome to Episode 69 Main Topic Leaving a job Good standing Gotta love those going away parties Not so good standing YOLO @xenophage is good at this part! Starting a job Feeling overwhelmed is normal…  Learning how to walk again...


 2019-10-25  1h24m

Episode 68 - Jobs!

Welcome to Episode 68   Main Topic When to job hop?    Announcements Patreon Update $57/month julius Andi Marc 22532 DeMentor Jon   BSides Delaware Registration AND CFP are open.  Tenth year, come join the fun! ...


 2019-09-27  1h20m