Roll for Trainwreck

We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.

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episode 127: Red Markets - E-Motors - Tank Trouble, part 1

Welcome to E-Motors, a little enclave outside of Houston, Texas in a repurposed tech campus. A group of Takers, calling themselves S.A.S.S (Safe and Secure Solutions) find themselves in need of work. They get a job from someone inside their own enclave, ...



episode 126: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 10

Still reeling a bit from the loss of our last agent and the latest attack of weirdness, our group drags back into work where they're forced to endure a new rookie agent.Will we survive Jun's new character? Can Nic succeed a HUMINT check? Listen and find...



episode 125: Off The Rails - GM-ing Tips #1

The group takes a night off of playing games to give some advice to GMs and also players! We trade questions and our own experiences on a few topics in what we hope is a helpful and informative session!In the end, remember that it's important for EVERYO...



episode 124: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 9

The remnants of the group heads back home from New York, back to the grind without much time to get put back together. Things quickly go sideways once more as we deal with the aftermath of the latest mission.



episode 123: A Dread-ful Christmas

Happy holidays everyone! We try our hands at a holiday special, playing a Christmas-themed game of Dread run by Nic!'Twas the night before Christmas in the Adderson house.... With the naughty family safely abed, what cruel fate is gathering above their ...



episode 121: Torch Bearer - The Dread Crypt of Skogenby - part 3

In what will be our last session with the Lamp Lighters group, we clean up after our misadventures in the strange tavern, before following our sailor on his quest to track down an old foe.This episode was another experiment carried out entirely online, ...


 2019-12-14  1h16m

episode 120: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 8

Surprise of surprises, our inept group is still trapped in this strange theatre. This time, we have a plan to enact? Will we make it out? Will anyone get left behind?What's going on outside? Tune in to find out!


 2019-12-07  3h12m

episode 118: Torch Bearer - The Dread Crypt of Skogenby - part 2

We carry on, this time venturing into the Crypt. We get a chance to deal with the combat mechanics, and we find new ways to get in each others' way. Are we heroes, going to enact a rescue? Tomb raiders just looking for loot? Tune in to find out!This epi...


 2019-11-30  3h41m

episode 117: Delta Green - Working Group Pyxis, Episode 7

With some of our agents already in trouble, the rest of the group finally arrives in New York to the massive train wreck in progress that has become the mission. Can the rescue mission succeed? Are we all doomed?What is going on with this play? Tune in ...


 2019-11-23  3h11m

episode 116: Torch Bearer - The Dread Crypt of Skogenby - part 1

At last our group, named 'Lamp Lighters', heads out on what will be our first adventure. The cast of characters in the party is eccentric as usual, and the tales being told only get taller...


 2019-11-16  3h41m