Roll for Trainwreck

We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.

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episode 166: Shadowrun 2E - Free Seattle, episode2

We finally move along, heading for the Gala to continue our investigation. Some of us are less pleased about being trapped in a crowd of people, but we're certain we'll make it out intact.Probably.Hopefully....maybe...Ah, at least we'll get good info...


 2020-10-03  2h3m

episode 165: Timewatch - Uncommon Dogma

We're back with another zany adventure through messed up time. This time, our group of Timewatch Agents finds themselves smack in the middle of a messed up timeline where there seems to be an entire religion devoted to worshipping...dogs? Tune in to find...


 2020-09-26  2h53m

episode 164: Shadowrun 2E - Free Seattle, episode 1

Join us as we venture into the world of Shadowrun, using a starter campaign titled 'Free Seattle'. Our ragtag group of Shadowrunners is competent, we swear. This time we start by getting the details of our first job, given to us by a Mr Johnson that hail...


 2020-09-19  2h10m

episode 163: Off The Rails - Playing during Lockdown

We took a week off from our usual games to talk about a topic that's caused no end of confusion and hardships for us (and probably also for many of you) : finding ways to continue our favorite hobby while in this quarantine. We've found a bunch of things...


 2020-09-12  1h30m

episode 162: Eclipse Phase 2e - Forge Ahead - Episode 2: Approachable Bug Monster

Our criminal enterprise is back and nearly up and running! We've explored the area around us a bit and now have to set ourselves up with some work. But can our group pull off a mission successfully? Only time will tell.


 2020-09-05  2h14m

episode 161: Eclipse Phase 2e - Forge Ahead - Episode 1: Meet-Cute

Welcome to Forge Ahead, totally legal and in no way shady enterprise, where we want to help you with all your body modification needs! We're just getting things together at the moment, so please don't mind the dust.


 2020-08-29  2h3m

episode 160: Wild Talents - Black Hat University - Day 1

Welcome back to Black Hat University for the first day of classes! There's plenty of zany characters to meet and get to know. What sort of mayhem will our super villains to be get up to this time?


 2020-08-22  3h17m

episode 159: Timewatch - Something's Bugging Grimlock

In a strange twist, our team must take on a threat directed at one of its own. Will we manage to save our favorite caveman, or is he doomed to vanish no matter what we try?


 2020-08-15  1h58m

episode 158: Witcher - To All a Good Night

We're back with the Witcher again! This time we venture into a city where all the children seem to be missing. Monsters abound (even within the party) as we seek answers and safety from Nilfgaard.


 2020-08-08  3h35m

episode 157: Wild Talents - Black Hat University - Orientation

Welcome to your first day at Black Hat University, premier college for any aspiring super villain in the making! We'll be following the antics and learnings of a handful of students. All of them are gifted, more than they seem, and ready to cause trouble...


 2020-08-01  2h25m