Roll for Trainwreck

We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.

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episode 156: Witcher - Still Waters

Tonight we dabble in the Witcher. The module we're playing is "Still Waters", released for free RPG day. This is our first foray into the system, so apologies of we get anything wrong!


 2020-07-25  1h44m

episode 155: Alien - Chariot of the Gods, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the module for 'Chariot of the Gods'. Our crew has left our ship, the Montero, and is currently dealing with the Chronus to see if there are survivors or anything to bring back for the company. But with a ship that's been dead for ma...


 2020-07-18  2h39m

episode 154: Timewatch - It's a Small Timeline After All

Something's gone hinky with the timeline! Things are spiraling out of control, and our ragtag team of Timewatch Agents are the closest in time and space to be able to deal with it. Someone has tracked the anomaly down to coincide with the grand opening o...


 2020-07-11  3h40m

episode 153: Alien - Chariot of the Gods, part 1

Welcome to our first foray into the Alien system. We got started before the official rule book was out, so apologies for anything we got wrong or anything that has changed since this play through! We got our hands on the module for 'Chariot of the Gods',...


 2020-07-04  2h58m

episode 151: Red Markets - E-Motors - Mr JOLS, part 2

Finally at their destination, the crew of S.A.S.S. dares to enter the abandoned Dronkey factory. After dealing with crazed Taker-killers, bands of slavers, and several types of zombies, will this be a pleasant end to their Taking career, or will they hav...


 2020-06-27  3h12m

episode 150: Legend of the 5 Rings - Topaz Championship, part 2

We continue on the beginner adventure, finally starting with the actual Championship tournament itself. Our group of samurai will be put through multiple trials, where they must not only show their skills, but also please the judges. Will they succeed in...


 2020-06-20  3h41m

episode 152: Delta Green - BLACKSAT

In a slight departure from our usual adventures and tangles with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, a group of Astronauts prepare for what will most likely be their last trip to space and get a new mission. They must escort a pair of civilians up into spa...


 2020-06-13  3h35m

episode 149: Legend of the 5 Rings - Topaz Championship, part 1

Our group takes a first look into the Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R) system with the beginner game scenario 'Topaz Championship'. The players must head into Crane lands to compete in this tournament, thereby completing their Gempukku. Along the way, they me...


 2020-06-06  2h32m

episode 147: Delta Green - Working Group: Pyxis - Retrospective

Our long campaign at an end, some of our players get together to talk about the campaign, going over some things we liked and hearing some thoughts from our GM on the challenge of running something like this!


 2020-05-30  2h18m

episode 148: Red Markets - E-Motors - Mr JOLS, part 1

The group is finally at retirement! Time for one last job: Mr JOLS. The way to the abandoned Dronkey factory isn't all sunshine and roses, however. Will they plan well enough to get to their destination intact?


 2020-05-23  3h38m