Roll for Trainwreck

We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.

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The Veil: Episode 0

Here's episode 0 of our sadly short campaign of The Veil. It's a very interesting take on the cyberpunk genre. In this episode we do character creation and world building. ep64-tv-sessionzero.mp3File Size: 187631 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-04-28  n/a

Red Markets New Hope: Episode 3

We take a new job, clothing hauling. Exciting huh? We go visit a slaughter house doing grime cloth work. As always we're hurting for money and we need to find every bounty we can find. ep65-rm-newhope-privacymatters.mp3File Size: 102883 kbFile Type: mp3D


 2019-04-19  n/a

Red Markets New Hope: Episode 2

We head out on our next job. Finding food stuffs for the enclave. Our negotiations went bad so we need to find ever bounty we can find. ep63-rm-newhope-spiceoflife.mp3File Size: 136230 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-04-10  2h42m

D&D Dark Sun: Episode 4

The last episode of our short lived Dark Sun campaign. Our adventurers continue to explore the city of Tyr. They start their training with the Veiled Alliance, do some shopping and find a new friend. ep28-ds-birthofsparky_small.mp3File Size: 131323 kbFil


 2019-04-01  3h38m

Red Markets: New Hope EPisode 1

Our takers head out of the New Hope Prison on their first job. We need to locate some missing gang members for a prisoner/gang leader. ep60-rm-newhope-bringtheboysbackhome.mp3File Size: 125361 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-03-11  n/a

Eclipse Phase: Grinder

We dip our toe into second edition. Grinder is a nano-op, a mini operation that you can use as a one shot or drop in adventure in your on going campaign. Episode art by Jun. ep80-ep2-grinder.mp3File Size: 124464 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-03-03  n/a

Red Markets: New Hope Episode Zero

We're starting a new Red Markets campaign. This episode we spend time getting to know the characters and the setting they're all stuck in, and of course our usual shenanigans. ep57-rm-newhope-session0.mp3File Size: 156315 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [.


 2019-02-24  n/a

D&D Dark Sun: Episode 3

Our adventures are still trapped in the ruined tower. As they attempt to escape, they find a new "friend", who has a task for them. ep26-ds-homebrew-benefactor.mp3File Size: 238946 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-02-17  n/a

Eclipse Phase: You Know Nothing

Our sentinels are sent to investigate a strange new disease. Firewall is worried this could something from the quarantine zone. ep56-ep-youknownothing_small.mp3File Size: 118244 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-02-10  n/a

D&D Dark Sun: Episode 2

Our adventurers continue their journey on the caravan. What awaits them this time? Raiding elfs? Sandstorms? ep23-ds-homebrew-caravan-pt1.mp3File Size: 237874 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


 2019-02-02  n/a