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Jacobin Show: Behind the Republican Party Crack-up w/ Paul Heideman

Paul Heideman debunks the myth that the Republicans are now a working-class party and explores how the structural weakness of the American party system and conflicting business interests drove the Republicans' rightward turn.The Jacobin Show offers socialist perspectives on class and capitalism in the twenty-first century, the failures of liberalism, and the prospects of rebuilding a left labor movement in the US...



Dig: The Right to Sex with Amia Srinivasan

What are the politics of sex? Incels, porn, sexual racism, the feminist sex wars, and more. Philosopher Amia Srinivasan on her new essay collection The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century.Want our very good weekly newsletter emailed to you? Support us at Patreon.com/TheDigInterested in the book advertised on this week's Dig?thenewpress.com/books/empire-of-rubber



Michael and Us: The Slow Cancellation of the Future

At long last, we are finally tackling something related to The Sopranos. We discuss the many things wrong (and some things right) with the big-screen prequel THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK (2021); the spirit of American decline that The Sopranos captures at its best; and what the recent surge in prequels and reboots tells us about this world we live in.Michael and Us is a podcast about political cinema and our crumbling world hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage...



Weekends: How to Debate the Right and Win w/ Ben Burgis

Coming off of their triumphant debate victories against Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk respectively, we're (re)joined by Ana Kasparian and friend of the show Ben Burgis to discuss how and why the left can debate right-wing ideologues.



Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman: Striketober

Suzi talked to Crystal Hopkins (https://deadline.com/2018/12/iatse-local-871-elections-crystal-hopkins-elected-president-slate-routs-incumbents-1202524990/), President of IATSE Local 871 (https://www.ialocal871.org), just hours before a tentative agreement was reached late Saturday afternoon — ahead of the October 18 strike deadline. The contract still has to be ratified by union members and that remains a question mark...



Dig: The Big Scary 'S' Word w/ Yael Bridge

A very short ep on a great new documentary about the history and present of American socialism: The Big Scary S-Word. It’s by Yael Bridge, and it's the perfect film to show to your skeptical uncle or to someone new to (or curious about) socialist politics. You can watch The Big Scary S-Word on iTunes, Apple TV or a number of other sites by visiting: www.socialismmovie.com/screenings



A World to Win: Work Without the Worker w/ Phil Jones

This week, Grace speaks to Phil Jones, researcher at Autonomy and author of Work Without the Worker: Labour in the Age of Platform Capitalism. They discuss whether what we refer to as automation actually relies on the proliferation of poorly paid micro...



Dig: Afghanistan with Tariq Ali

Legendary socialist scholar Tariq Ali on the long history of Afghanistan: the 19th and early 20th-century wars against the British Empire; the communist coup, Soviet invasion, and US-backed mujahideen war; the rise of the Taliban; and the 2001 US-led N...



Weekends: What's Wrong with an "Entitlement Society"? w/ Matt Bruenig

Matt Bruenig discusses Joe Manchin's remarks about the US becoming an "entitlement society" and explains why so-called entitlement societies like the Nordic states somehow still seem to function.Weekends with Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila features free-...



Behind the News: Milton Friedman's War on Public Education

Doug speaks with Nancy MacLean, author of this paper, on how Milton Friedman’s war on public education fit nicely with Southern massive resistance to desegregation. Plus: Klaus Jacob, a geophysicist, on how we can live with rising seas and heavier rains.