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Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman: The State of the US Economy and Mainstream Politics

On Jacobin Radio, UCLA historian and coeditor of Catalyst Robert Brenner joins Suzi to discuss the state of the US economy, mainstream politics, and neoliberalism. How are today's political earthquakes connected to the economy,


 2017-07-31  47m

The Dig: Explaining Venezuela's Crisis

A decline in oil prices gutted the revenue stream that Venezuela depended on to bankroll its social spending. The government led by Chavez’s successor Nicolás Maduro is increasingly turning to repression in response to constant, and often violent,


 2017-07-26  54m

Behind the News: Race and Mass Incarceration

Doug interviews two guests. First, James Forman, Jr., author of Locking Up Our Own, analyzes the relationship between race and mass incarceration. Then, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, author of From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation,


 2017-07-22  52m

Behind the News: Single Payer in CA, What's Wrong with the Pension System?

Doug interviews two guests. First, Robert Pollin, a professor at U Mass-Amherst, addresses the economics of how single payer can work in CA. Then, Michael McCarthy, author of Dismantling Solidarity, tells us the story of how we got our current private ...


 2017-07-21  52m

Behind the News: China, Climate, and the Paris climate accord; Nancy Maclean on the Right's War on Democracy

Doug interviews two guests. First, Kate Gordon, a Senior Adviser at the Paulsen Institute, talks about China, Climate, and the Paris climate accord. Then, Nancy Maclean, author of the recent book Democracy in Chains,


 2017-07-20  52m

The Dig: Left Power and Environmentalism in Ecuador

Dan’s guest today is Thea Riofrancos, a political scientist at Providence College. They discuss Ecuador’s 2017 elections, in which the left won a narrow victory despite the crisis hitting the Pink Tide of left governments throughout the region. -


 2017-07-19  51m

Behind the News: Korean Politics, Shakeups in the Wake of the British Elections

Doug interviews two guests. First, Tim Shorrock on the two Koreas: while South Korea has a recently-elected leader, the North continues testing missiles while the US continues threatening engagement. Then, Margaret Corvid updates us on British politics...


 2017-07-19  51m

Behind the News: The Kochs' Academic Network, the Politics of Brazil

Doug interviews two guests. First, investigative journalist Alex Kotch talks about the Koch academic network. Then, Alfredo Saad Filho, a professor of political economy at the SOAS, University of London, updates us the political and economic situation...


 2017-07-18  51m

Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman: Democrats and the New Working Class, Organizing Amazon and Whole Foods

On Jacobin Radio, Gabriel Winant, whose recent article in Dissent on “The New Working Class” looks at the Democrats' cluelessness about today's workers. And Joe Allen, a former UPS worker and author of The Package King,


 2017-07-17  38m

The Dig: Trump & the Deportation Machine Reloaded

Dan talks with Dara Lind, the immigration reporter at Vox. They discuss how Trump has made Obama's massive deportation machine into a terrifying spectacle in a bid to to scare undocumented immigrants from the country.


 2017-07-12  1h9m