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The Dig: Donald Trump's Big Finance Bait and Switch

Dan interviews journalist David Dayen on President Trump's financial policy. Despite espousing white populist rhetoric on the campaign trail, Donald Trump has stacked his administration with Big Finance elites.


 2017-06-08  1h12m

Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman: Can Corbyn Win?

Suzi interviews two guests about the surging Jeremy Corbyn and the fate of leftwing class politics in the coming UK elections. Journalist and author Paul Mason joins the conversation from London. Blogger and analyst Kevin Ovenden is based in Athens.


 2017-06-06  42m

Behind the News: U.S. Origins of Nazi Race Law; How Strikes Can Challenge Bourgeois Law

Doug interviews two guests. First, James Whitman on the U.S. origins of Nazi race law. Second, Alex Gourevitch discusses strikes and their challenge to bourgeois law.


 2017-06-05  52m

The Dig: Trump's Wall Has Already Been Built

Donald Trump pledged to build a big, beautiful wall on the border with Mexico. For liberals, the wall now shares a toxic association with Trump. But until recently, militarizing the border with Mexico was accepted as a core piece of the commonsense,


 2017-06-01  1h14m

The Dig: The New Drug War Landscape Under Trump

The drug war is winding down around the country and heating up under Trump at the same time. Rick Lines of Harm Reduction International lays out the humane and evidence-based alternative to the war on drugs.


 2017-05-24  1h7m

Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman: Why We Need Hope

Hope is more than a mood or feeling — it's the basis for all political action, argues Ronald Aronson in an interview with Suzi Weissman. Bernie Sanders's campaign inspired collective action to make the world more equal; the Trump campaign and preside...


 2017-05-22  30m

By Taking Power: Spring 2017 Issue Launch

Jacobin's latest issue, "By Taking Power," asks: What has the Pink Tide accomplished? What is its future? - When the Pink Tide emerged in Latin America, the U.S. Left was done with governing. The Pink Tide was a confident call back to the old-time re...


 2017-05-20  34m

Stockton to Malone #5: Get Out, Brocialism and the "Terminegro"

Micah and RL finally release their take on Jordan Peele's film "Get Out." Micah sees the story as standard brocialist propaganda, an ode to unionized public sector workers and the social democratic investments that produce them.


 2017-05-19  33m

The Dig: What's the Matter with Appalachia? Capitalism.

What’s the matter with Appalachia? Many liberal elites think they know the answer. Since Trump’s campaign began, the region has become a symbol of all that is wrong with Red State America: guns, bigotry,


 2017-05-17  59m

Stockton to Malone #4: Boss So Salty

Micah welcomes RL to the Jacobin staff family. RL immediately pitches "Marxistpiece Theater," making Micah instantly regret their new work situation. Later, Micah interviews Erik Forman, a labor organizer and former salt.


 2017-05-11  46m