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James Miller | Lifeology Radio is a 30 minute triweekly inspirational, self-development radio show dedicated to teaching practical life lessons which enhance one’s spirit, mind, and body. What sets Lifeology apart from other radio shows is that it is not simply a 30 minute interview with a guest. James is a licensed psychotherapist, with over twenty years of experience, he teaches his listeners valuable tools and techniques that they can easily apply to their lives. Each episode also features an inspirational guest / expert who offers additional expertise to help Lifeology's listeners grow and develop. Tune in to simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body.


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Perception – Seeing is Not Believing: Guest – James Purpura

James Purpura #ThePowerfulU explains how your life’s perception determines your success. He reviews his movie and book, Perception: Seeing is Not Believing, that teaches practical lessons of self-transformation for unlimited success.



Finding a Love that Lasts: Guest – George Araman

George Araman @IamGeorgeAraman reviews his book The Grey Dance of Love that teaches you how to find a healthy person and create a love that lasts. #greydanceoflove #love #relationships #communication #marriage GreyDanceofLove.com



Never Stop Dancing: Guest – John Robinette and Robert Jacoby

John Robinette and Robert Jacoby's review their memoir Never Stop Dancing that will inspire you as it explores how we look at life differently in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy. #grief #hope #friendship #healing Never-Stop-Dancing.com



Fix your Mind: Guest – Erin Pheil

Erin Pheil @erinpheil specializes in helping entrepreneurs and high achievers get out of their own way in 10 weeks or less, guaranteed. #mind #beliefs #perspective #wellness #self_helpMindFixGroup.com



Self-Mastery: Guest – Purdeep Sangha

Business Consultant Purdeep Sangha @PurdeepSangha teaches you how to use your emotions to create focus for self-mastery. TheMaleEntrepreneur.com #meditation #mindfulness #success #focus #passion #focus



Living a Successful Life: Guest – Caroline Schley

Caroline Schley @carolineschley inspires you to get out of your comfort zone, make goals that are out of your reach, to create the successful life you've always wanted. RhymesWithFabulous.com #successful #succcess #fulfillment #goals


 2019-09-19  26m

BiOptimizers Nutrition – Supplements: Guest – Wade Lightheart

All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, and Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition, Wade T LIghtheart, shares 4 powerful supplements that will revolutionize and greatly improve your digestive system. BiOptimizers.com


 2019-09-17  26m

The truth about fat: Guest – Kat James

Transformational Guru Kat James shares her wisdom about how fat is not the nemesis we have all thought it to be. To learn how to be your optimal self visit InformedBeauty.com. #fat #diet #transformation #nutrition #fat #wellness #leptin #wellness


 2019-09-13  26m

When Corporate Stuff Happens: Guest – Andrew Oliver

Andrew Oliver @burpeebillionaire reviews his book When Corporate Stuff Happens that provides you with career advice to guide you through each phase of your career. #corporate #business #career BurpeeBillionaire.com


 2019-09-12  25m

Avoiding the Midlife Crisis: Guest – Kathleen Reily

Kathleen Reily reviews her three-step system that empowers men experiencing midlife crisis and transition on how to maximize their impact and become their authentic selves. #midlife #men #midlifecrisis #transition #work #happiness KathleenReily.com


 2019-09-09  26m