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      Send Emails. Get Money

      In this week's episode, I share some takeaways from a recent presentation about turning your email subscribers into actual paying customers. I get questions about using email all the time... What's the best content to offer new email sign ups? How do...



      Imperfect Action

      We start with am embarrassing story. You see, last Friday my company sent out an email with the exact same subject line as the week before. Noooooooooooo!!! And it went out to over 15,000 people. Heads will roll! Who's gonna get fired? WTF people? And...



      Scaling Her Wholesale Handbag Business & Getting into the Four Seasons Resorts with Jennifer Boonlorn

      This week I'm talking to the AWESOME Jennifer Boonlorn, the founder and designer of Soul Carrier Handbags. Jennifer has overcome extremely tragic circumstances and followed her soul to start Soul Carrier. She's scaled her business to 186 wholesale...



      (Part 2) Doubling Your Daily E-commerce Orders with Dana Jaunzemis

      Today's episode is Part 2 of the fantastic interview with Dana Jaunzemis - my personal business hero. She is rethinking how to run a business and she's killing it. Today we talk about how she decides what's best for her business, how she avoids BSOS...



      Running Your Business the Way You Really Want it to Be Instead of What You THINK You Should Do with Dana Juanzemis

      Today's guest is my business hero. Dana Juanzemis runs her business in a completely different way than most people. She makes business choices based on what she wants, on the data and sales she sees, and on simplicity. Learning from Dana has changed...


       2018-07-13  32m

      #AskJanesBrain: I need to raise my prices and find all new customers. What should I do?

      In today’s laser coaching call, I’m talking swimwear and resort designer, Danielle from Danalia. Danielle has sold a lot of units of her product in the past few years. The problem is that her margins are too low to make any real money. She’s...


       2018-07-06  33m

      Making Decisions and Sticking to Them

      A couple of questions...How  much time do you spend in your business every day ? Actually doing the things that make you money? You know, activities that make sales.   Getting money is your #1 priority and yet I see SO MANY who focus on...


       2018-06-29  16m

      Content Marketing for a Luxury Fashion Brand - LaserCoaching with Anila Hussain

      "You have a brand-new business, starting today." Imagine you could look at your current business with complete clarity and re-design it to be: streamlined, easier to run, and with a higher profit margin on very single unit you sell Would you be...


       2018-06-22  31m

      2 Quick Ways to Reduce Your Entrepreneurial Stress

      In today's episode, I give you 2 very simple and quick ways to feel less stress in your daily work life. The roller coaster of being an entrepreneur can make anyone a little anxious. What I'm teaching you today has helped me and my clients SO MUCH to...

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       2018-06-15  17m

      #LaserCoaching Should I Use Facebook Ads to Build a Following?

      Today we're talking with Jane from Jane Israel, a lawyer turned clothing designer. Jane's getting ready to launch and wants paying customers from day ONE. Her question is... "Should I run ads to build an audience NOW, before my product is ready, or...


       2018-06-07  35m