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What's the BEST Way to Grow My Online Store? (#AskJanesBrain)

I recently got this question from a Shopify store owner...  "My sales are growing steadily (we did almost 300K online last year) but we’re still not very profitable. I need to grow my sales to have better cash flow. What’s the BEST way to...



What If Next Season's Collection Doesn't Sell?

No one says entrepreneurship is easy. But when you’re the one who creates the products and then relies on them to support yourself, your team, and your family… now that’s a whole different thing. People who own other kinds of business, regular...



4 Things Product-Based Entrepreneurs Should Outsource Immediately in Order to Grow

If you own a product-based business, there are tasks you're probably doing that you shouldn't be doing. I know because I've wasted a lot of time doing these things when I owned my boutique and clothing line.  Sometimes I felt I was the "only one...



Three Facebook & Instagram Ads Mistakes Most Online Sellers Make

Are you running Facebook ads? Three things you need to know if you sell physical products. On Wednesday, I did a special Facebook ads review hot seat session. It was awesome. I met with a small group of product based entrepreneurs - our...



How Do I Create Content When I Have No Time?

I get this question all the time...  "How do I create content and keep up a blog when I have so little time?" If you're running a product-based business you know how many details there are to take care of all the time -- shipping,...



How to Set ONE Business Goal for the Next 12 Months

I did a live training this week. Best Ever. Can’t even tell you how thrilled I am that the emails I received said it was “excellent”. In today's episode, I’m pulling out THREE things that really resonated with the students and I think will...


 2019-01-11  29m

30 Minutes to Planning Your Sales for the Next Year

There's a lot of information out there about setting goals and planning for 2019. This will be different. In this episode, I take you through a simple exercise to really focus on your sales - not your overall business health right now – just what...


 2018-12-21  12m

3 Ways Your Business Can Finish the Year Strong

The end of the year is fast approaching and we’re all getting busy with holiday stuff. It’s tempting to start zoning out on your business right now. I get it, that’s my inclination too. But before you get too distracted with holiday cheer, take...


 2018-12-14  17m

How to Sell More Physical Products Without Working Any Harder: Maximize & Monetize

What if you could do the same amount of work you're currently doing - or even less - and sell WAY MORE products? It's absolutely possible if you tweak a few simple things in your business. In today's episode, we're going to look at what's already...


 2018-12-07  16m

What NOT to Say to Customers at Holiday Markets

I could have called this episode, "How NOT to Blow the Sale at Holiday Markets". Or maybe, "The Five Dumbest Things I've Ever Said to Lose the Sale at a Craft Show". I'm pretty sure I'm uniquely qualified to teach you how to blow a sale at a...


 2018-11-30  14m