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The Right Business vs. the Right Now Business

When was the last time you considered what kind of business you really want? There's a difference between the RIGHT business for you and the RIGHT NOW business that you currently have. What if you give yourself some space to think a little bigger? To...



Kendra's Story: How She Sold $12,000 at a Direct to Consumer Selling Event

Let's talk about selling $12,000 from a B2C market. How fun would that be? Fo realz... That’s exactly what my guest did at a recent event in Philadelphia. In today’s episode, I interview Kendra from Char-Coal and she shares exactly what she did...



David Peck Part 2

Today is Part 2 of my interview with David Peck and whoa - you guys LOVE his fascinating story so far! Thanks for all your feedback, I appreciate it! (if you missed Part 1, click here). David Peck is an entrepreneur who's been on the rollercoaster of...



What it's Really Like to Run a Fashion Business with David Peck

Today I’m excited to have a successful entrepreneur on the show who tells us what it's really like to run fashion business.  David Peck is a Houston designer who's been on the rollercoaster of owning his own business and he is SO HONEST in this...



How to Prepare for Maternity Leave When You Own a Small Business

Does being an entrepreneur mean you never get to take time off? Sometimes it feels that way... Who's gonna do the work while I'm away? How would my business  even run without me? Will everything just STOP if I'm not there? There's no one I trust...


 2019-11-09  49m

10 Things Nobody Told Me About Owning a Business

Holy Moses this is episode 100!! I'm pretty excited about it so I nixed the topic I'd planned for today in favor of something a little more personal - 10 things no one ever told me about owning my own business. Or maybe somebody told me but I wasn't...


 2019-11-01  27m

The Quickest and Easiest Thing You Can do for Your Marketing

What's the fastest, simplest thing you can do to stay consistent with your marketing? Today's episode lays it all out for you on a silver platter. There is NOTHING as easy as this strategy.  One of the biggest struggles my members face - and all...


 2019-10-25  21m

The 3 Secrets of Success from a Fabric Rep's Point of View with Jay Arbetman

We're doing something cool today. We're getting an insiders look from a fabric rep. My guest today is Jay Arbetman.  We'll hear about the patterns and secrets of entrepreneurs that succeed and those that have troubles succeeding. Jay is the...


 2019-10-17  47m

8 Things You Need to Know to Get Ready for Holiday Sales

Things are about to get BUSY and it won't be the most wonderful time of the year if you're not ready for action. Don't let the Holiday season sneak up on you! It's time to get your shizzle together to be sure you get all the sales you can. None of...


 2019-10-12  23m

Bad Advice: Don't EVER EVER EVER EVER do this. Evah.

Who do you get your information from? Who do you listen to for business advice? On today's episode I'm on a mission to help you decide who to let IN to your brain, and what voices to keep out.  This is Salty Jane. I'm on a bit of a rant because...


 2019-10-04  17m