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How to Sell More Physical Products Without Working Any Harder: Maximize & Monetize

What if you could do the same amount of work you're currently doing - or even less - and sell WAY MORE products? It's absolutely possible if you tweak a few simple things in your business. In today's episode, we're going to look at what's already...



What NOT to Say to Customers at Holiday Markets

I could have called this episode, "How NOT to Blow the Sale at Holiday Markets". Or maybe, "The Five Dumbest Things I've Ever Said to Lose the Sale at a Craft Show". I'm pretty sure I'm uniquely qualified to teach you how to blow a sale at a...



What's Your Plan for Black Friday Weekend?

Black Friday Weekend. Love it or hate it, it’s happening. In a few weeks, our bellies will be full, the football games will be nonstop, and the kids will be hopped up on candy corn. Let the stampedes begin. What are you going to do about BFCM? Skip...


 2018-11-09  17m

Getting People to Buy Your Products Online: The Four Step Process

Let's get right to it. People won't buy online the first time they go to your site. Hardly ever. And yet, we're continually SHOCKED that we have to do more than post a great product shot on Instagram and wait for the money to roll in. For small...


 2018-10-19  15m

A Breakthrough Year in Business - How Jackie Did It

"If you would have told me a year ago about everything I's accomplish this last year, I would NOT have believed you... And the biggest thing is I just pushed myself. I pushed myself in any way, shape or form. Ohhhhh, it was so scary and gross, but I...


 2018-10-04  49m

6 Ways to Prep for the Holiday Season

14 years of owning a retail store and still, every year, every single year, the Holiday Season seemed to creep up on me. Did I order enough inventory? Did I order decorations? Gift wrap? What products do I want to sell? What events am I participating...


 2018-09-28  19m

Luxury Retail: Insider Secrets with Syama Meagher from Scaling Retail

In today's episode, my guest is Syama Meagher, founder and owner of Scaling Retail. Syama has worked with some heavy hitters in retail... Barneys, Gucci, and Macy's, to name a few. Syama's a thought leader in the world of luxury retail and she's...


 2018-09-21  44m

(Pt. 2) Where to Find Customers the "New School" Way - Online

In the last episode, we covered how to find customers the "old school" way. If you missed it, go here now:  www.janehamill.com/find/ Today we dive deeper into where to find your "perfect" customer and I give you 5 specific ways to use "new...


 2018-09-15  23m

Where to Find Customers the "Old School Way"

Today's episode runs through 5 specific ways to get customers using "old school" strategies my clients have used to get paying customers. I give you real life examples of how to get in front of the "right" people. And by the "right" people, I mean...


 2018-09-06  17m

Why Isn't My Social Media Working?

Social media. All the different platforms...all the options...all the updates...you can lose yourself in it pretty quickly. There's so much noise out there, so much competition, so many people vying for your customer's attention. How do you get it? In...


 2018-08-17  15m