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"How Do I Turn My Product Business Side Hustle into a Full Time Thing?"

Blast from the past -- that's the email I received from family friend.  She asked if I could help her turn her side hustle product business into a her full-time gig.  She wants out of the corporate world and believes her product biz could...



How Many Emails Should I Send for the Holiday Season?

If you listen to this podcast you know how big a fan I am of email marketing – it has an amazingly high ROI.  But how many emails is too many? How do you avoid "bothering" people?  In today's episode we'll cover three things:  HOW...



Having More Fun With Your Your Business

Today’s episode is a little different. It’s a quickie nugget episode, under six minutes. And it’s all about playing with the idea that your business can be a lot more fun. Your days can be more fun. In fact, what if you treated your business...



Her Startup Story: The Power of Building a Community with Angie of Bobo Design Studio

I'm so excited to share this episode with you! I  Angie Chua is the owner of Bobo Design Studio in Palm Springs, CA. Angie attributes her success to her strong following and building a loyal community.    Today she tells us how she did...


 2021-11-02  40m

Fashion Startup Story: Getting Pre-Sale Orders with Tione Tall HQ

I'm crazy excited to introduce you to another badass entrepreneur today and let her tell you her Startup Story. I found today's guest, Tionne Young of Tall HQ, on Instagram when she was doing an Instagram live. I'd seen her company before, but...


 2021-10-15  42m

If You're SEWING, You're Not SELLING

Pop quiz for all the makers and fashion designers. When you get an order, does that mean you then have to take a specific action to get it shipped out?  Yes or no? Any action at all – cutting, sewing, hand stitching, dyeing… Because here's...


 2021-10-08  11m

Fashion Startup Story: A Made-to-Order Fashion Business Model with Sarah Gallagher

In this episode, fashion designer Sarah F=Gallagher and I sit down to discuss:  What it’s really like to go into business with your sister as your partner. The truth about being made-to-order and sewing everything herself for a long time.\...


 2021-09-25  43m

Starting & Growing a Streetwear Brand with Dondre Smith from ALMVGHTY Clothing

Today's special guest, Dondre Smith, is the designer and owner of Almvghty Clothing (with a "V" for vision), a Chicago streetwear brand with the message Live on Purpose. His goal is "to be able to advance God's kingdom through fashion and media." We...


 2021-09-15  43m

Holiday Sales Planning

Want to CRUSH your online sales for the holidays? Today I'll break down a specific, do-able 3 step plan to get you ready for a fantastic holiday selling season.     Whether you've been in business 20 years, two years, two months, or...


 2021-09-10  16m

Why You're Not Getting The Online Sales You Want - with Susan Bradley

Have you ever said to yourself... Why don't I have more online sales? Is there something wrong with my products? Do people just not like what I do? Why are other business posting photos of tons of orders being shipped out - but not me? What am I...


 2021-09-02  47m