Japan on Fire (Podcast on Fire Network)

Japan On Fire puts a spotlight on the known and personal favourites of the hosts as well as providing a journey of discovery for the hosts and the listeners! Everything from Kaiju, J-horror to anime!


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Japan On Fire 33: The White Snake Enchantress

Japanese studio Toei makes the first feature anime in colour and turn to Chinese folklore for their supernatural, romantic tale. In this episode we therefore examine 1958’s The White Snake Enchantress (also known as Panda And The Magic Serpent).



Japan On Fire 32: Momotaro – Sacred Sailors

It’s the first feature length anime out of Japan, it’s got singing animals… and it’s a war propaganda movie. With Kenny B and Paul Fox of the East Screen West Screen podcast. Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at googlemail.com,


 2020-07-04  1h18m

Japan On Fire 31: Fist Of The North Star

Kenshiro, the fist of the north star, gets a big screen head and body bursting adventure that was such a shock to the senses, it’s been forever altered since. In this episode of Japan On Fire we turn to anime once more and Fist Of The North Star from 1...


 2020-01-11  1h45m

Japan On Fire 30: Hideo Gosha FINALE – The Oil-Hell Murder

Hideo Gosha makes his last film and passes away. We say goodbye to the director of Three Outlaw Samurai , Hitokiri and The Geisha by looking at his 1992 film The Oil-Hell Murder. With Kenny B and author Robin Gatto.


 2019-08-10  2h2m

Japan On Fire 29: Hideo Gosha – The Geisha

After a hiatus, we are back for the finishing stretches of the coverage of the filmmaker responsible for Three Outlaw Samurai, Hitokiri and Onimasa. The next to last episode have us stopping in 1983 and the multi award winning drama about a geisha appr...


 2019-03-30  2h10m

Japan On Fire 28: Your Name.

We do a little unscheudled stop into anime and the 2016 blockbuster Your Name from director Makato Shinkai. With Kenny B and roped in to inform, help out and review is East Screen West Screen’s Paul Fox. Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at g...


 2017-11-10  1h0m

Japan On Fire 27: Hideo Gosha – Onimasa

We jump ahead to the 80s resurgence of Hideo Gosha! Different style of filmmaking to a degree, different topics and characters to craft character-based cinema out of, in Onimasa we will talk of perhaps, the most gentle Hideo Gosha movie to date.


 2017-05-12  1h51m

Japan On Fire 26: Hideo Gosha – Hitokiri

For our second episode in the series about director Hideo Gosha, we stay in samurai territory, watching the of shape his often intense, downbeat, dirty, grimey voice even more. With focus on 1969’s Hitokiri,


 2016-05-27  29m

Japan On Fire 25: Hideo Gosha – Three Outlaw Samurai

Hideo Gosha saw samurai cinema and cinema in general and its world in a more dirty, gritty and cynical way, starting with 1964’s Three Outlaw Samurai. Kenny B and VCinema’s Coffin Jon start a new Japan On Fire director’s series in bloody,


 2016-01-15  14m

Japan On Fire 24: Sabu FINALE – Miss Zombie

Sabu’s career is ongoing but we’re putting a cap on our coverage of it with this episode covering his 2013 black and white horror movie Miss Zombie. Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at googlemail.com,


 2015-08-07  1h3m